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Someone told me the other day that they didn’t even know we had a physical shop so here are a few pictures of what you might see if you drop by our shop and display centre in Western Australia Read more

Have you wanted to delve into aquaponics but didn’t want to spend too much money? Did you want to try aquaponics but just don’t have a big area in your yard to set up a large system?  Here’s the perfect opportunity to dip your toe into the aquaponic life for only a very small outlay with a neat little barrel system that you can make yourself. Read more

One is often encouraged to believe that a garden full of healthy insect life is a good omen. Bees and butterflies pollinate plants and flowers, making them important for a gardens survival. It is often easy to be filled with pride upon the sight of fluttering butterflies and buzzing worker bees; signs of a thriving […]

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Firstly let me begin by saying that within a week of posting this short article I have received a cease and desist notice from a law firm, demanding a number of things from me. I have made some minor edits to this so that I don’t have to enter into any drawn out legal issues. Though I must admit, changes have only been extremely minor.

Lately there’s been a flurry of small aquaponic websites starting up around the internet, all selling one particular e-manual. It seems that aquaponics has started to become a target of people seeking easy money from affiliate marketing.
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We’ve been running workshops at our display centre for over a year now and they’re proving to be very popular. They are hands-on workshops that allow participants direct interaction with aquaponic systems, fish and plants. In a very short time you’ll learn the basics about how to set up and run your very own system.

Backyard Aquaponics runs workshops at our display centre once a month. Our workshops have been specifically designed to provide participants with clear and concise information that relates directly to a home user, building and operating a small scale aquaponics system.

Places at each workshop are strictly limited so participants can get the maximum benefit of more personalised service. Numbers are generally capped at 20 participants – so be sure to book in early. Our workshops are run by highly experienced aquaponics instructors, individual instructors on each workshop may vary, but include:

Faye Arcaro – Qualified Horticulturalist, Gardening Australias “Gardener of the Year 2007”, Owns a 5 bed system
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Press Releases

Over the years Backyard Aquaponics has appeared in numerous publications throughout Australia. We continue to promote the benefits of Aquaponics throughout Australia and the world and new articles are uploaded regularly. Our press releases include articles, radio interviews and television programs.
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