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Christmas hours and shop update

Someone told me the other day that they didn’t even know we had a physical shop so here are a few pictures of what you might see if you drop by our shop and display centre in Western Australia

The display centre in Jandakot is now owned and operated by Cheidys Aquaponics, please check their website for up to date information about opening hours

This means that some of the following information and pictures aren’t so relevant any more but I’m going to leave them here for interest sake.

The Backyard Aquaponics Shop and display centre has been open now for over 8 years, it was the first of it’s kind in the world and even now all these years later it seems that almost all other aquaponic “shops” are purely online ventures rather than displays open for people to come and browse systems and talk to real people about aquaponics.

  We currently have 15 different aquaponic systems on display ranging from DIY barrel and IBC systems, through to our comprehensive range of custom BYAP  systems. Our systems have been shown to stand the test of time, people come back and buy more of our systems after they’ve had one, they tell their friends and their friends come in and have a look. We rely on repeat custom and this is why the shop is still open after 6 years, because we believe in quality service and products rather than making profits.

Above is a magnificent rhubarb plant growing in one of our systems. You might also notice the floating baskets growing plants directly on the surface of the fish tank.

And if you think that aquaponics is only for vegetables and herbs, take a look at our system growing ferns and palms. This is by far our most popular system with people who visit our shop, they are always looking under the shallow bed, wondering how such large plants can grow in such a small bed.

Still, perhaps for now I’d better just let some pictures from around the shop do the talking.

Our Display centre is located at 7 Jandakot Rd, Jandakot Western Australia. We’re on the corner of Berrigan Drive about 1km off the freeway, so very easy to find.

Now, back to the photos.