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 Forum: General System Discussions   Topic: Help, 1/2 my fish died today.

Posted: May 15th, '20, 02:06 

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... the water and adjust as needed. Also, I can testify first hand that the salt helps protect the fish from nitrite poisoning. It doesn't help with ... table salt - too many additives. But aquarium salt, pool salt, or water softener salt (like Solar salt) that is free of any additives will work, ...

 Forum: General System Discussions   Topic: Having Plant Nutrient Issues Please help

Posted: Jan 22nd, '20, 09:48 

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... (check garden stores). I’ve seen potassium chloride sold as water softener salt. I haven’t used these because I add potassium carbonate to control my ph. If I didn’t ...

 Forum: Fish   Topic: Tilapia die-off pattern in breeding aquarium

Posted: Jan 27th, '18, 04:18 

Replies: 12
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... in it that you can't test for... I know I've heard horror stories in my saltwater days from people who use city water... the city uses chemicals ... outside system gets tap out of the hose (doesn't run through the water softener).

 Forum: Fish Problems   Topic: I don't quite know whats wrong with one of my fish

Posted: Oct 5th, '17, 00:08 

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I have had great success with a quarantine tank and chloride salt added to 5ppt. It seems to be magic for most pathogens - they don't seem ... options are pool salt (never tried but heard it is suitable) and water softener salt like Solar salt or potassium chloride. Epsom salt will not work ...

 Forum: General System Discussions   Topic: DIY PVC Hoophouse

 Post subject: Re: DIY PVC Hoophouse
Posted: Sep 6th, '17, 10:01 

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... I have extremely hard water and have a very high end $8000 water softener system to give me decent soft water inside the house, but exterior ... the high end softener, it uses hydrogen peroxide along with softener salt.. wondering what that might be doing to my plants...) I did manage to ...

 Forum: New Member Introductions   Topic: Glad to be here (also: should I be concerned?)

Posted: May 15th, '17, 23:47 

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... fish, though you have few fish so I am a little surprised. Do you have salt in your system? Chloride ions will prevent the Nitrite from binding ... salt, not table salt. Pool salt, aquarium salt, or water softener salt (solar salt) are good sources. You don't want any iodine, anti-caking, ...

 Forum: General System Discussions   Topic: assistance with water test results

Posted: Feb 22nd, '17, 03:32 

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... a lot of water and disease issues, where other fish may not. Water softener water has a negligible salt content, like 3ppm. You need more than 3 times that amount to get to 1ppt. Chlorides are ...

 Forum: General System Discussions   Topic: assistance with water test results

Posted: Feb 21st, '17, 13:34 

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I didn't add "salt" per se but probably have small amounts as my home water system has a water softener installed. I filled the tank originally with the water softener bypassed, but since then have probably ...

 Forum: New Member Introductions   Topic: Hello from Los Angeles California!

Posted: Jan 12th, '17, 00:59 

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... for at least a week to be sure nitrite is under control. I recommend salt to 1ppt before you add fish. For 230 gal that is 2lbs of salt - I recommend ... salt has no additives (iodine, anti-caking, rust removers, etc). Water softener (Solar Salt or KCl) and pool salt are inexpensive options. You ...

 Forum: General System Discussions   Topic: new 25ish gallon system :)

Posted: Dec 19th, '16, 08:36 

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... well water system. It is also heavily chlorinated. I also have a salt water softener and a very basic point of entry filtration system. Is there a preference to use the ...

 Forum: General System Discussions   Topic: Hard Water, How hard is hard?, Remedies

Posted: Dec 4th, '16, 13:09 

Replies: 27
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... GH 10 grains) Soft Tap 60 7.6+ 0 634 108 0 I flushed and charged the softener with KCl as if it was a new setup, and ran about 20 gallons through ... soft water for aquariums and fish system, probably due to the increased salt level. But from this first test the salt increase is negligible, KH ...

 Forum: Plants   Topic: Yellowing/ whitening of leaves : iron deficiency ?

Posted: Nov 29th, '16, 23:04 

Replies: 4
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Marko - usually the salt that is added is pool salt or water softener salt since it typically doesn't have the anti-clumping chemicals added that most table salt does (NaCl). ...

 Forum: Fish   Topic: Ich and Fin Rot

 Post subject: Re: Ich and Fin Rot
Posted: Nov 29th, '16, 13:15 

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... levels and know if there are any mistakes. Also volume measure of salt as compared to weight measure will vary greatly depending on the size of the grains. I use water softener salt that has very large grains, but is affordable and can be found without ...

 Forum: General System Discussions   Topic: Hard Water, How hard is hard?, Remedies

Posted: Nov 29th, '16, 03:06 

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Twofish, I found water softener salt that is KCl with no additives at a reasonable price. The nuggets are large but I dissolve them in a bucket before adding the water to my system. Just be sure you have an accurate way to measure salinity.

 Forum: General System Discussions   Topic: Hard Water, How hard is hard?, Remedies

Posted: Nov 23rd, '16, 01:40 

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... Adding calcium carbonate will increase both. Eddie, I maintain 1-3ppt salt in my system. Magnesium is an important nutrient so I include Epsom ... a percentage of my system water and some top up water rather than a softener, then manage the KH accordingly. I still intend to test the results ...
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