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 Forum: General System Discussions   Topic: Calculating sump size

 Post subject: Re: Calculating sump size
Posted: Jul 13th, '14, 01:52 

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... Timed Flood and Drain or Siphons because the grow beds always have the same level of water. Still it's nice to size the sump larger for CF because then you can switch back and forth if you want.

 Forum: General System Discussions   Topic: PVC Grow beds?

 Post subject: Re: PVC Grow beds?
Posted: Jul 12th, '14, 22:11 

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... flow rate, etc, etc Sleepe - I figured the tomatoes would be an issue. Maybe I could have container that the FT flows into, full of grow media. Then that would function as my bi filter, and I can grow my tomatoes in it? Yes I would be pumping the water from the basement, back into the house. ...

 Forum: General System Discussions   Topic: PVC Grow beds?

 Post subject: Re: PVC Grow beds?
Posted: Jul 12th, '14, 21:44 

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While you can't fit a whole tub through your basement access, you don't really have to... why not bring components of a grow bed down there and then build it?

 Forum: General System Discussions   Topic: New LED farm in Japan

 Post subject: Re: New LED farm in Japan
Posted: Jul 12th, '14, 19:38 

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... of what might exist on Mars... Its interesting the number of Chinese products, presented as ideal grow lamps.. LED... with red and blue LEDs. Then others with RGB less.. Now if they could produce the 740 IR then they may be closer to the mark.. .. .

 Forum: General System Discussions   Topic: PVC Grow beds?

 Post subject: Re: PVC Grow beds?
Posted: Jul 12th, '14, 18:09 

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... basement ? through the floor to your house. I would seriously suggest you rethink this concept. Is it not possible to put a FT in the basement and then we could go from there to a workable solution? ie basement insulation or at least the grow area and a redesign of the NFT system. BTW I am terribly ...

 Forum: Members Systems   Topic: Bodgy's Scrapyard AP

 Post subject: Re: Bodgy's Scrapyard AP
Posted: Jul 12th, '14, 17:18 

Replies: 53
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Hey bodge, on a different subject, make sure you pull out that flexible pipe from your pump now and then and give it a good hose out. I did my distribution pipes to the grow beds religiously every month but for some reason I always forgot to do the one from the pump. It was ...

 Forum: General System Discussions   Topic: Will this work?

 Post subject: Re: Will this work?
Posted: Jul 12th, '14, 16:25 

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... as fact? In the extreme it would make a difference. For example if you had 25kg of fish/m3 and the water level in the tank went down by half then you would have 50kg/m3 which would be bad. It is not so much the water level changing that is the problem but rather the density of the fish at ...

 Forum: Members Systems   Topic: Levi's apartment-sized system

Posted: Jul 12th, '14, 14:09 

Replies: 16
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... go with a shelf system, but I just saw this today and thought it would go well in the weird long entryway to my studio apartment: TBAP (Small).jpg Then again, I'm also super nervous about having an AP inside since I rent... and am also flirting with the idea of a small lean to greenhouse outside. ...

 Forum: Members Systems   Topic: Crappy Basil Growers R Us

Posted: Jul 12th, '14, 13:00 

Replies: 580
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... to get me completely hooked.The second coming saw the grow beds moved plus adding two more bins to the new location the other side of the property,then the fish pond was dropped in favour of four fish tanks etc etc etc. The last reincarnation was roughly six months ago when the media was changed ...

 Forum: General System Discussions   Topic: PVC Grow beds?

 Post subject: Re: PVC Grow beds?
Posted: Jul 12th, '14, 12:15 

Replies: 14
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OK, well maybe Ill use Aluminum guters. MAinly Im looking to do the small tube type design rather then a large grow bed. NTF I think its called

 Forum: General System Discussions   Topic: Help: Tomatos in Tucson, AZ

Posted: Jul 12th, '14, 12:09 

Replies: 3
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They still seem quite young yet. Tomatoes usually spend a few months building up energy, then start to fruit after that. I see a few clusters of flowers, it should be ready to start putting out lots of fruit soon.

 Forum: General System Discussions   Topic: Seemingly unable to increase pH suddenly?

Posted: Jul 12th, '14, 08:16 

Replies: 11
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... hydroxide, which bumped the system up .2 after 24 hours. I did this every few weeks in general. Now I seem unable to get it to budge, and then only reluctantly. I tried my "bump recipe" two successive days, which ended up with pH DROPPING from 6.5 to 6.3 so I doubled it, which ...

 Forum: New Member Introductions   Topic: Hello from FL Needing help already.

Posted: Jul 12th, '14, 07:30 

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... unrelated. Needless to say, I got hooked! I had planned on setting up an IBC system in January after I had gotten past my busy season, but then I got impatient and decided to set up small indoor "test" system in December. Well, I'm so glad I started with the test system since ...

 Forum: General System Discussions   Topic: PVC Grow beds?

 Post subject: PVC Grow beds?
Posted: Jul 12th, '14, 07:00 

Replies: 14
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... and grow plants in our rough (dirt floor) basement instead. She killed my excuse to play with the backhoe, but she had a good idea I thought. Then I found something online about aquaponics, and fell in love with the idea! I already have two 55 gallon fresh water fish tanks setup in the house ...

 Forum: Members Systems   Topic: Roman's two IBC system.

 Post subject: Re: Roman's two IBC system.
Posted: Jul 12th, '14, 05:10 

Replies: 63
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... internship. They want a small, but expandable system and I was originally thinking constant flow with multiple beds and an indexing valve... BUT then I stumbled upon your awesome take on solving that problem. Don't over think things, keep it simple! Could you PM me and describe a little bit more ...
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