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 Forum: Electronics & Electrical   Topic: Raspberry Pi Aquaculture Controller

Posted: Oct 22nd, '14, 12:13 

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... and temperature probes (nothing fancy). To connect a relay, basically you give the relay 5V and ground, and connect it to one of the GPIO pins. Then you can run a command on the pi that energises the pin (powers it on), which then switches the relay - easy :). Further to this, you can get relay ...

 Forum: Members Systems   Topic: Kalarr's system

 Post subject: Re: Kalarr's system
Posted: Oct 22nd, '14, 10:38 

Replies: 34
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... last experiment with them. My wicking beds are still producing fruit from an eggplant and cherry tomato. I have one more wicking barrel to make, then I'll be able to work on the last 55gal drum to split into wicking barrels. I'll post some pictures soon of the progress.

 Forum: General System Discussions   Topic: question about filtration

Posted: Oct 22nd, '14, 09:49 

Replies: 13
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I use surface drains into a 60l barrel 3/4 full of bio balls then into shade cloth,the next reincarnation i would dump the shade cloth and have another of bio balls,in my situation they work fantastic,the fish tanks are 2200l the DWCs 2400l turn over is ...

 Forum: General Banter   Topic: had a visitor today

 Post subject: Re: had a visitor today
Posted: Oct 22nd, '14, 09:12 

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This fella came and visited me while I was milling then toddled off past the GH.

Echidna.jpg [ 233.39 KiB | Viewed 15 times ]

echidna 2.jpg
echidna 2.jpg [ 280.89 KiB | Viewed 15 times ]

 Forum: General System Discussions   Topic: starting up in aquaponics... need some advice please

Posted: Oct 22nd, '14, 08:15 

Replies: 76
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... rest. I know with the concrete tanks, apparently you can fill them with water and add acid continually for a month, keeping it at a low PH, and then it'll eat up all the carbonates that are raising your PH. Maybe it might work for the river stones? Or just treat it as you go, and give it time, ...

 Forum: Members Systems   Topic: Gordon's Crater

 Post subject: Re: Gordon's Crater
Posted: Oct 22nd, '14, 07:58 

Replies: 551
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... one of the celery plants, but failed due to the roots. In the end I snapped off the stem and pulled a few of the larger roots I could get hold of, then chopped the remaining block up a bit. I might add a few worms to that area soon too Celery-root-block20141021.jpg

 Forum: Members Systems   Topic: Mr Python's 1st Client build

Posted: Oct 22nd, '14, 03:35 

Replies: 3
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... having all those edges and poky bits. The clien't wife is shorter than me and i don't want her ripping something while reaching into the beds. Then a cover for the fish tank.

 Forum: Members Systems   Topic: Daze's Wall Garden IBC System

Posted: Oct 22nd, '14, 02:49 

Replies: 33
Views: 895

... about wet surfaces and algae, possibly answers the question.. Our Vertical beds are deep draws... Individual... So I imangine that the problem is then to get the water to enter at the back and overflow at the front via a drain, returning water to the back again, whilst maintaining the pull out ...

 Forum: New Member Introductions   Topic: Pond Sucker's build a.k.a. Oh yes, there will be fish!

Posted: Oct 22nd, '14, 00:50 

Replies: 115
Views: 2035

... some crispy fish tails if he keeps me in check. Chris, I'm with you on the L brackets. As for screws vs nails. Screws sound like a lot less work then swinging a mallet all day, I was thinking I should treat it like framing a wall. So you spared me some effort with that suggestion. I even considered ...

 Forum: General System Discussions   Topic: cycling question

 Post subject: Re: cycling question
Posted: Oct 22nd, '14, 00:41 

Replies: 31
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Yup. It always starts out at >7.0 and then after about three days it plunges to 6.0 maybe less after ever water dump. I have never been able to grow things very well bacteria may just be another.

 Forum: General System Discussions   Topic: New System Filter location + general advice media+Raft+NFT

Posted: Oct 22nd, '14, 00:31 

Replies: 4
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Your first problem i feel is going to be your choice of fish tanks,in the upright position the depth to surface area is wrong for good oxygen transference at the surface,thus limiting your stocking due to low O2 levels.So if you decided to change your f/t this then alters your filtration positions.

 Forum: Fishing   Topic: Carp on handmade aluminium lures

Posted: Oct 22nd, '14, 00:02 

Replies: 3
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... Mrs Bullwinkle took a pic as I was landing it in the net, but you cant really see the lure, but just picture mashing some foil onto your line and then folding a bit down :) The action was pretty good because it was so easy to adjust. It was ...maybe... 25mm long and 6mm thick, with a single hook ...

 Forum: Members Systems   Topic: BullwinkleII's system

 Post subject: Re: BullwinkleII's system
Posted: Oct 21st, '14, 23:30 

Replies: 2864
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My blog bought 2x180w solar panels. And the company is sending me another two for free in a month's time to compare some different tech.


My epic Murray River adventure is going to finally happen. Then my system is going off grid.

Double Yay!

 Forum: General System Discussions   Topic: question about filtration

Posted: Oct 21st, '14, 22:20 

Replies: 13
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... the DWC's. Does this sound correct? I like the responses that I've received so far and it makes sense. I think I'll do the RFF at the beginning, then the course media (*Matala filter media pads) where the water is push up through the media, then the bio filter with K1, then the netting media. ...

 Forum: General System Discussions   Topic: question about filtration

Posted: Oct 21st, '14, 21:52 

Replies: 13
Views: 135

... further filtration into the dwc as you say.But if you put the netting after the bio,which would have to be a moving bed type filtration you can then capture these solids and if neccessary use it for nitrate reduction,maybe with a degassing chamber to gas off the by proucts. With a stationary ...
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