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 Forum: General Banter   Topic: Jokes

 Post subject: Re: Jokes .....
Posted: Oct 31st, '14, 21:13 

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... if he could see her license. She replied in a huff, 'I wish you guys would get your act together. Just yesterday you take away my license and then today you expect me to show it to you!' RIVER WALK There's this blonde out for a walk. She comes to a river and sees another blonde on the opposite ...

 Forum: Fish Feed   Topic: Sustainable AP fish food - What to buy?

Posted: Oct 31st, '14, 19:24 

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... sustainability .. He showed the production of Vanami. (????) prawns in Thailand and compared them to sustainable Prawns from Australia.. He then showed how the Thai. prawns were fed.. and how that feed was made from the commercial rape of Thai waters, catching 100% of all they trawled up, ...

 Forum: New Member Introductions   Topic: New here!!!

 Post subject: Re: New here!!!
Posted: Oct 31st, '14, 17:57 

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third attempt was a failure, the new layer had been applied a bit too in a hurry, after filling half, the new layer started blistering, then cracked and go through the pinholes. Tried again, this time, it held a bit until the pressure made it give in at these very same pinholes... Will try ...

 Forum: New Member Introductions   Topic: enough Lurking time to introduce

Posted: Oct 31st, '14, 09:30 

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... up the solids off the bottom of the tank. So if your previous setup was getting stuck with solids at the bottom of the tank, and not circulating, then the SLO will help in many ways. I still suck with all the names of the systems, I figure as long as water circulates from the grow beds to the ...

 Forum: New Member Introductions   Topic: enough Lurking time to introduce

Posted: Oct 31st, '14, 08:38 

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... my first home I was looking into various veggie growing options and stumbled onto AP, i did some research and built a basic IBC system which then had two blue barrels added, the system has been running for almost a year and i would say growth has been fairly good, however my dirt garden seems ...

 Forum: Hardware   Topic: Can anyone help me improve my biofilter?

Posted: Oct 31st, '14, 08:16 

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... above the rates that most suggest. I have 40 fish in a 200 gallon FT, and they perform well, good growth- plants & fish. Better to be under then over IMO.

 Forum: General System Discussions   Topic: What is easier?Digging a square or cirlce hole? No equipment

Posted: Oct 31st, '14, 07:56 

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Compromise.. An oval?
Note: Serious question here haha

The digging area I have available for this is 11'by15'
Would like to get max possible... I have my heart out on a circular tank but then again... Idk this is why I among you guys haha.

 Forum: Plants   Topic: Seed Starting options

 Post subject: Re: Seed Starting options
Posted: Oct 31st, '14, 05:55 

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Thanks Titus. I think standard processes are my main goal here. I think I'm going to start some seeds in the greenhouse this weekend using a new method. I'll detail the method once I try it and if it doesn't work very well then I'll still document it for others. wish me luck!

 Forum: General System Discussions   Topic: Crunching numbers and stretching your dollar is a pain!Help!

Posted: Oct 31st, '14, 05:10 

Replies: 11
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Tight budget and setting up to run a business rarely play well together. If the organic certification is that important to you, then you will have to pay for the right set up. Ideally you will make your money back in a few years. Try setting up a "go fund me" account and see ...

 Forum: Members Systems   Topic: Media and Float beds 1st go

Posted: Oct 31st, '14, 02:14 

Replies: 14
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... to put your coffee, you could add skirts to the beds to enclose the works underneath, you could build a deck as flooring in your AP area, and then there is automation and electric sensors which is a whole-nuther animal. Just don't let it dip into your 401k. :thumbleft:

 Forum: Useful Information   Topic: Design for flood and drain table w/ check valve on pump

Posted: Oct 31st, '14, 01:34 

Replies: 9
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... starter cube slab of 98 and place it a 10" x 20" starter tray without holes. Get the slab soaking wet before planting the seeds and then don't water it again for 2 to 3 days until it starts to dry out. And water until it is soaked again and repeat the same process. You will get to ...

 Forum: General System Discussions   Topic: What fruits can I grow in my system?

Posted: Oct 30th, '14, 22:28 

Replies: 20
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... male parts and pluck it off from one flower and go to the next flower and swipe the pollen along the crevice at the end of the 3 female parts. Then take a male from that flower and go to the next and so on until you circle around to the first male you plucked and use the last male to pollinate ...

 Forum: Members Systems   Topic: inifin's System

 Post subject: Re: inifin's System
Posted: Oct 30th, '14, 22:02 

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... to get 2 free loads; I thought the first load was going to break the old girl. I spent 3 days screening the gravel through an old spring bed base, then washing it in a cement mixer before carting it by wheelbarrow into the grow beds. Once again I was slack taking the pics and only have a couple ...

 Forum: Members Systems   Topic: Crappy Basil Growers R Us

Posted: Oct 30th, '14, 18:12 

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... these beautiful orange Tilpapia so fifty are now residing in the fingerling tank,they looked spot on when i bought them,they had a quick salt bath then into there new home,first time there hasn’t been a casuality,there feeding strong and loving swimming in the flow really pleased with them

 Forum: Members Systems   Topic: Crappy Basil Growers R Us

Posted: Oct 30th, '14, 18:05 

Replies: 739
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... 1/2 pvc was a push fit into this,so the end uprights were drilled to take the 1/2 as a push fit,so assembly was to tap the 1/2 through the hole then insert the 1/2 into the yellow and drive it in until it stopped,made a really strong job,the 3/4 then rest on this and are help with a large cable ...
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