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 Forum: General System Discussions   Topic: Swimming pool for fish pond........ideas needed

Posted: May 26th, '15, 10:06 

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... tiled bench, 700mm high, this is a masonry bench and runs the entire length of the pool, my first idea is to put grow beds on the grass area, and then run pipes along the bench, which i could also use to plant in, into an IBC then back into the pool. I dont want to discuss budget yet (there isnt ...

 Forum: General System Discussions   Topic: System Design Help Needed.

Posted: May 26th, '15, 09:49 

Replies: 25
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... with no ill effects. You want to bet he had a reason for it. Now a DWC that is 4ft deep would help keep the temperature stable for sure. But then you run into a flow issue. DWC beds are supposed to have their water turned over between once an hr to once every 4 hrs. So you would need a bigger ...

 Forum: General System Discussions   Topic: Just not working out

 Post subject: Re: Just not working out
Posted: May 26th, '15, 09:22 

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... pretty quickly I'd stop feeding the fish and do 20% water changes daily (how much water have you got?) until the nitrates get closer to 200 and then treat the same as the other one. For the other one I'd seriously cut back on the feed and add more growing area. A duckweed tank (floating raft ...

 Forum: Members Systems   Topic: Cookie's system

 Post subject: Re: Cookie's system
Posted: May 26th, '15, 07:31 

Replies: 685
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Then thats fantastic Cookie

 Forum: General System Discussions   Topic: Noob here requesting information

Posted: May 26th, '15, 03:17 

Replies: 9
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... think 38%) 3mm commercial pellet soaked for a while to soften. He also feeds duckweed and occasionally gives them frozen baby peas microwaved and then squeezed out of their shells or carrot pulp from a juicer. "Thing to remember about goldies is they have no real stomach (ie acid producing ...

 Forum: Useful Information   Topic: Bottle Brush

 Post subject: Re: Bottle Brush
Posted: May 26th, '15, 01:58 

Replies: 3
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... are squeaky clean! There is a small amount of clean FT water sprayed but the plunging action seems to release detritus lower down the pipe. This then follows the rising bottle brush up the pipe. Coachchris is correct in that a hose will clean out the pipe more completely. However as he said, ...

 Forum: Members Systems   Topic: Brian's Finally Building in northern New Mexico

Posted: May 26th, '15, 00:21 

Replies: 328
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... pipe. Reducer down to 4/6 mm silicone for final delivery into FT or DWC etc. As I understand it. The piston pumps are more reliable but noisier then the diaphragm ones. Larger pipe allows pump location where the noise is not a problem. I use an old mouse mat to dampen vibration but others use ...

 Forum: Members Systems   Topic: Jaymen's first, tiny system

Posted: May 25th, '15, 22:22 

Replies: 36
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... I also created a new bell siphon cover (which I fought with for days until I realized my problem was the cheap cap I initially tried using). I then ran the siphon process several times with and without the gravel shroud, and with and without the cover lifted partway up to increase flow at the ...

 Forum: Buy, Sell, Swap or Trade   Topic: (NSW Central Coast) IBC system for sale

Posted: May 25th, '15, 18:11 

Replies: 0
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... amount that will allow me to recoup some of the money I have spent on it, not trying to make a profit or anything. But if you think it is too much then make me an offer :) $500 Ono Pm me and I will pass on my number to arrange a time to come look at it if you are interested. Cheers Sent from my ...

 Forum: Members Systems   Topic: Cookie's system

 Post subject: Re: Cookie's system
Posted: May 25th, '15, 14:20 

Replies: 685
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... they don't ever go anaerobic at the root zone. Valid points, in your system I read you went from initially using DWC to using media beds and then now trying a setup with DWC and your net filters. Personally I have a preference for DWC owing to my experience working in a hydroponic nft farm ...

 Forum: General System Discussions   Topic: Just not working out

 Post subject: Re: Just not working out
Posted: May 25th, '15, 11:05 

Replies: 29
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0.3 deep would be about right. The system is a part IBC tank with the grow bed above it. The water is pumped up and then drains back down. What is the best way to add grow bed to a system like that? We do catch the solids on geotech fabric that is rinsed when needed, but that's the ...

 Forum: General System Discussions   Topic: Just not working out

 Post subject: Re: Just not working out
Posted: May 25th, '15, 10:57 

Replies: 29
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Massively over stocked.

Assuming the GBs are only 0.3m deep the numbers are way out of whack. You would want double that for the 500L tank and roughly 3 times that for the 800L tank.

If the GBs are deep then their might be enough gravel but there would still be no way near enough growing area.

 Forum: Fish Feed   Topic: BSF: food alternative for household waste.

Posted: May 25th, '15, 10:12 

Replies: 28
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Hi,I've had trouble with my tilapia no eating bsf,so I feed when very small or cut the thick skin on older grubs they seem to be able to suck out insides then.

 Forum: Hardware   Topic: sequencing valve

 Post subject: Re: sequencing valve
Posted: May 25th, '15, 09:33 

Replies: 7
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... This is the valve that I used.. 24V but happy at 12V.. Practical to use a relay that normally leaves reverse DC on the device (closed) and then reverse the voltage when the relay is activated.. Oh and they have gone up in price... put them on your Ali' wish list and wait for a price reduction.. ...

 Forum: General System Discussions   Topic: Just not working out

 Post subject: Re: Just not working out
Posted: May 25th, '15, 08:48 

Replies: 29
Views: 238

... bed. The flow rates are about 1500l/hr. I'm half way through a water change. The water is out and I'm filling a tank to treat for chlorine and then I'll pump it in. I'm recovering from tonsillitis and that's about the extent of the energy I have for now. Soon I will test for nitrates and figure ...
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