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 Forum: Members Systems   Topic: Kainat's Build

 Post subject: Re: Kainat's Build
Posted: Mar 29th, '15, 21:33 

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... $19. So I'm going to try it out and see how it works, can't beat the price! Oh and it's 24v and 1100GPH. It's not very big, just a little bigger then a deck of cards, interesting! image.jpg I also bought some crushed brick to put in my second GB, and I'm going to replace the pea gravel in my ...

 Forum: New Member Introductions   Topic: Good Afternoon from Anguilla

Posted: Mar 29th, '15, 20:56 

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Thank you all! We figured go big or go home LOL! As soon as we get approval (tuesday we hope) we will be lining the fish tanks and sump tank, then on to completing the grow beds, order our rocks and water and we will start a prelim run of the system. In the meantime we are looking for suggestions ...

 Forum: General System Discussions   Topic: adding a grow bed & adding water

Posted: Mar 29th, '15, 18:22 

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... was a bad choice of words. I found some advice (from memory a post by Mr Damage) about quantities, worked out how much I probably needed, then use a lot less. I pretty quickly worked out what was needed to get my tap water to the right pH. I found some notes I made. My tap water has KH ...

 Forum: General Banter   Topic: Venting corner

 Post subject: Re: Venting corner
Posted: Mar 29th, '15, 18:01 

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... on the tomatoe slices and leave them for a little while) Put some blue vein cheese on the top with a few slices of jalapeno chillies out of a jar) then put the top slice on. Not healthy but. :)

 Forum: General System Discussions   Topic: adding a grow bed & adding water

Posted: Mar 29th, '15, 17:58 

Replies: 4
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... with acid, unless you have some handy. Just put 50 l of water in the new GB and run a little bit of the existing water through the new GB tonight then turn it's inlet off (you need a tap), check FT pH an hour later, do the same tomorrow, and on Tuesday you can probably let it go full time in the ...

 Forum: General System Discussions   Topic: adding a grow bed & adding water

Posted: Mar 29th, '15, 17:27 

Replies: 4
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... bed but can create a closed circulatation loop, do your adjusting in this by recirculating the water till it's mixed and hits the pH you want - Then add it to the rest of the system. hope this is what you're after. The fishless cycling will work but will take more time.

 Forum: General System Discussions   Topic: Has any one tried these towers out yet?

Posted: Mar 29th, '15, 11:08 

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The problem I have with my homemade ones is the first set I made clogged and I realized I couldn't use regular media. Then I tried using net cups but the water kept getting on my lettuce and my wife is a stickler about the fish water so she won't touch stuff from that one so I have ...

 Forum: General System Discussions   Topic: Fish swimming to a side

 Post subject: Re: Fish swimming to a side
Posted: Mar 29th, '15, 08:35 

Replies: 8
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... that's what I meant by shelled, when the shell/skin has been pulled off the frozen green peas. They gobble up the peas with the skins, but then spit them out and they sit in the bottom of the pond, the green peas are taken in seconds. Just annoying to sit there for so long pushing out the ...

 Forum: Members Systems   Topic: Coach Chris' RAS/ AP build thread

Posted: Mar 29th, '15, 07:10 

Replies: 437
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... mbbr 3-28.jpg I used the old top of an IBC and drilled some holes in it. Made a stand on the bottom and stuffed a bunch of shade cloth in the ibc, then put the lid in and set a 32lb block on the whole thing to keep it below the level of the outflow pipes. Not sure how often I will need to clean ...

 Forum: Fish   Topic: oreochromis aureus (Blue Tilapia) In Australia

Posted: Mar 29th, '15, 05:51 

Replies: 11
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.. Plus one for SILVERS breeding in captivity.. :headbang: Our natives will not breed in captivity, this includes dams and ponds Were that correct then there would be no fingerlings.. Every Silver breeder that I have seen, has dams for breeding and growing.. Proof... the chap at hornsby giving ...

 Forum: Recipes   Topic: Roast Pork Nuckle

 Post subject: Roast Pork Nuckle
Posted: Mar 29th, '15, 03:56 

Replies: 3
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... Brown Sugar or Honky Tonk women, but say two table spoons. I like my music loud when cooking. This may have affected the amount of sugar I added. Then roast for about an hour and a half in a medium oven. Baste a bit in between tracks. Increase the heat for the last 30 minutes. The addition of ...

 Forum: Useful Information   Topic: A question about yields and profits

Posted: Mar 29th, '15, 01:22 

Replies: 1
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... rent and live from the profits they make with the Acquaponic system produce (fish and vegetables). If anyone can help me in anyway i'd be more then grateful. Thx.

 Forum: General Banter   Topic: Venting corner

 Post subject: Re: Venting corner
Posted: Mar 28th, '15, 23:00 

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... today and you couldn't watch any of it UNLESS YOU HAVE F#@KING POXTEL!!!... Thank you very f#@king much channel 10... nice job arseholes! (b). Then tonight is takeaway night... get a kebab for dinner... Used to get great kebabs from this same place every Saturday night, then it changed hands ...

 Forum: Members Systems   Topic: The story continues

 Post subject: Re: The story continues
Posted: Mar 28th, '15, 22:19 

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Thanks for that Dasboot - I have a serious problem then!
My water is going through much more slowly than that - possibly only 150lph in a 1300l bed. I am using my spare pump on this system, so maybe I will have to buy a bigger one to get the turnover happening.

 Forum: General System Discussions   Topic: Not exactly aquaponics... Fish without a pump?

Posted: Mar 28th, '15, 20:44 

Replies: 24
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It depends on the dam.

I know dams that I could put more than that in and they would do fine but then there are others where they would starve.
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