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 Forum: Hardware   Topic: Salt meter

 Post subject: Re: Salt meter
Posted: Jul 25th, '14, 18:51 

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Yep that sounds about right from when I put 10ppt then did a 50% water change a day later and tested it and was 5000 mg/l
Thanks for the help guys

 Forum: Members Systems   Topic: Mantos small greenhouse system

Posted: Jul 25th, '14, 13:37 

Replies: 237
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Moved the four Murray Cod from the greenhouse system to the 1000L sump of my big system Then one sweep with the net in the babies tank got 3 trout , 2 small silvers and 1 catfish to go in the greenhouse. Should get some better growth in the greenhouse with more active ...

 Forum: General Banter   Topic: What is required to become an AP consultant?

Posted: Jul 25th, '14, 12:15 

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... past about people calling in asking for help so I would think that would be part of the buisness. But if someone walks in, buys a bag of hydroton then asks for someone to come over on the weekend or after hours to help figure out why their syphons arent working on their home made system, well ...

 Forum: General Banter   Topic: What is required to become an AP consultant?

Posted: Jul 25th, '14, 11:00 

Replies: 34
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As has been mentioned, it depends what level of AP you're "consulting" on... If you're talking commercial scale AP set-ups then I would say at this point in time there are very few people with the level of knowledge and practical experience required to call themselves commercial ...

 Forum: General Banter   Topic: What is required to become an AP consultant?

Posted: Jul 25th, '14, 10:45 

Replies: 34
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... on you again. A proper profestion takes years to find out where the theories fail and the reallitys begin. If you want to make a living off this, then get your hands dirty and do it, and do it until 95% of your fish grow to harvest size. Healthy and stronge and tasty. A good engineer will come ...

 Forum: General Banter   Topic: What is required to become an AP consultant?

Posted: Jul 25th, '14, 09:30 

Replies: 34
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... wanted to charge me. Some of them may be worth that money now because now they have some actual experience but now I know much more than I did then so for many things that I would have outsourced (pipe network design for example) I can now do them myself. In some cases I think I can do them ...

 Forum: General Banter   Topic: Jokes

 Post subject: Re: Jokes
Posted: Jul 25th, '14, 08:49 

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... could you make the bear a Christian?" "Very well," said the voice. The light went out. The sounds of the forest resumed. And then the bear dropped his right paw, brought both paws together and bowed his head and spoke: "Lord, bless this food, which I am about to receive, ...

 Forum: General Banter   Topic: What is required to become an AP consultant?

Posted: Jul 25th, '14, 08:34 

Replies: 34
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... the same common mistakes as everyone else makes. It takes years of doing and failing and dirty fingernails and sore backs to be an expert. And then no one will believe you... 'cause you wear "farm cloths" I started down this course for one very basic reason; I wanted to taste a "RIPE ...

 Forum: Hardware   Topic: heating growbeds?

 Post subject: Re: heating growbeds?
Posted: Jul 25th, '14, 06:00 

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... a pool. Imagine its the middle of winter. Imagine how ineffective a pool blanket or solar heater will be to keep the pool comfortable to swim in. Then imagine putting a GH over the pool and how much energy would be required to keep it warm. If you can't imagine it then just trust me its a lot. ...

 Forum: General System Discussions   Topic: New Hybrid System Build + VIDEO

Posted: Jul 25th, '14, 04:54 

Replies: 9
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... blues and niles.. from my experience, tilapia have very little growth below 70f,, once you get up into the mid 70's the growth is explosive, buty then trout stop feeding, but yellow perch keep feeding up into the 80's.. i have yp and tilapia in the same tank, so the yp kept the tilapia breeding ...

 Forum: General System Discussions   Topic: Member skills

 Post subject: Re: Member skills
Posted: Jul 25th, '14, 04:48 

Replies: 168
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I have a new skill to add... I can sharpen an 8$ pocket knife so I can shave with it. I changed the entire profile (from concave to straight) then created the edge with nothing but a diamond steel and a few weeks with nothing better to do. My fingers hurt. I'm really proud of myself because I've ...

 Forum: General System Discussions   Topic: Is red scoria safe as a growbed media

Posted: Jul 25th, '14, 03:04 

Replies: 159
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... is no reason why you couldn't make it 3" or 4" from the surface. I wouldn't lower it to 4" all at once though. Lower it 1" and then a week later lower it again. Leaving a week between lowerings give the plants roots time to chase the moisture down. +1 for the wicking bit, but ...

 Forum: Hardware   Topic: !Urgent! Basement AP Flood Advice

Posted: Jul 25th, '14, 02:14 

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The flood was purely user error, my biggest mistake yet.

was doing a manual top-off to add a new bed, and maxed out my sump, then my Siphon kicked on, and overflowed the sump.

 Forum: Fish   Topic: Help!! my catfish are dying

 Post subject: Help!! my catfish are dying
Posted: Jul 25th, '14, 02:10 

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File comment: Fish Color
20140724_110125 (800x600).jpg
20140724_110125 (800x600).jpg [ 189.44 KiB | Viewed 33 times ]
My catfish are normally dark colored but they are turning almost white and then dying. I have done a water change and added salt with no changes.



 Forum: Members Systems   Topic: Deep Water Culture Questions

Posted: Jul 24th, '14, 23:25 

Replies: 22
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... do it Dasboot. I'm thinking along similar lines but in order to avoid having to do the spacer, I'll start plants in net cups outside of the system then transfer them to a raft suspended over the water. I'm thinking of using 1020 propagation trays like this ...
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