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Barrel position
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Author:  Buddha [ Feb 16th, '16, 16:42 ]
Post subject:  Barrel position

Hi guys im getting my bits together and have a noob question , i want to put half a dozen half barrel beds for invasive plants , Mint etc on my ibc system , should i plump them separate from the main bed or can i have them using the same line ? and just have a separate return to the FT.
Cheers Buddha

Author:  Mr Damage [ Feb 16th, '16, 17:48 ]
Post subject:  Re: Barrel position

Without knowing the layout of your system, I would say it is most likely feasible that you could plumb them up using the same feed line as the main GB, each with their own inlet. You could also plumb the returns together if it's a viable option and makes it easier for you, and as long as it's done correctly so it doesn't hinder the drain from the main GB and you don't create any air locks etc.

Just a tip: If you can, I would cut the drums horizontally as opposed to vertically. This way they only require support from their base and will hold their shape. If you cut them vertically, in addition to supporting the bases you will also need to build frames around the top edge of each one so they will hold their shape. Plus, if you do the math on it, you get quite a bit more bio-filtration (wet gravel) from each drum if cut horizontally. You do however get less GB surface area for plants.

Author:  Buddha [ Feb 17th, '16, 15:34 ]
Post subject:  Re: Barrel position

Hi Mr D , cheers for the info , im just following the ibc of aquaponics with my ibc and main bed , just wanted to be sure enough nutrients would reach all plants if i plumbed together , only 1 plant will be in each barrel bed ( one variety anyway ) so will follow ur advise , planning on mint , lemon balm , parsley and something else , would like horse radish if it will grow , anyone tried it ?
Cheers Buddha

Author:  Mr Damage [ Feb 17th, '16, 16:33 ]
Post subject:  Re: Barrel position

Buddha wrote:
just wanted to be sure enough nutrients would reach all plants if i plumbed together
It shouldn't be an issue, just stock with extra fish accordingly, ie: in safe ratio to the bio-filtration you've gained from the barrel GB's... :thumbright:

Author:  dlf_perth [ Feb 17th, '16, 20:09 ]
Post subject:  Re: Barrel position

anyone tried it ?

yep. works fine - do it for tomatoes, mint and various other things.
A few people simply use buckets (search Bato Buckets or Ducth Buckets) as a single plant only needs around 20L so you can get more plants. But your option of using drums cut either way will be fine.

Doesn't matter if you plumb together or separate - though you may need some form of flow control (ball valve).
will depend on your setup.

Can just treat it like another small grow bed or otherwise you can have less flow if it is a side system.
(You will actually find that plants need less flow so sometimes you can get away with less water going in - depends on how important the extra media is to your system and whether you are using siphons etc).

edit: as a general rule (allowing for #fish and size etc) an IBC type setup can usually support 2 IBC top grow beds. 2 gets towards 1:1 - see Damages reply in viewtopic.php?f=12&t=26155 (or one of the similar threads on the topic).

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