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So a member suggested I look into iAVS aquaponics for my living room aquaponics system. As I did I realized that if I ask these questions on the other post, I would not get my original questions I had on building a solid Solid Lift Overflow. Thus I am starting a new post. 8)

I know some may roll their eyes and judge me for not searching the board to answer these questions. I hope for forgiveness. I did do some searching and google researching, I promise. I did find some answers and I do not think I understood what people were attempting to explain enough for me to feel confident that I could build such a system. So here goes :wink:

1. One does not use a bell siphon to drain the sand bed, correct? If a bell siphon is not use, then how does one plumb the bed to drain the water into the fish tank? Theoretically I would think a bell siphon would work. Can someone explain to me why it would not?

2. Is draining the sand grow bed on a timer essential if one uses plants that thrive when its roots are continuously submerged?

3. I do not want to remove mulm mechanically with a gravel cleaner. I am just way too lazy. I rather be appreciating my aquarium than cleaning it. So I am going to use a solids lifting overflow to clean the bare bottom aquarium. In a grow bed using clay media, one can use red worms to eat the mulm thus getting rid of it. Can this be done in a sand bed? Or is there a different type of worm for this purpose that should be use? In aquarium deep sand beds, California Blackworms, Planarians (aka Flatworms), Tubifex worms, Malayan Trumpet Snails are all used to eat mulm thus the water column healthy for the fish? If you do not personally have experience using red worms or other small creatures I mentioned, do you think that the principal of deep sand beds can work here so I don't have to remove the mulm manually?

4. Will houseplants thrive in sand? I want to use pathos and lucky bamboo plants in my grow bed.

5. I am thinking about splitting my grow bed. One side I would use clay media with a bell siphon. The other side, I would use a sand bed. What are your thoughts on that?

I would love to know the thoughts of experts and beginners alike. So please do not be shy! Speak up!



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