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Should we try and get an active seed exchange going?
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Author:  Aussieponic [ Aug 17th, '07, 19:30 ]
Post subject:  Re: Should we try and get an active seed exchange going?

I will do what ever I can let's do it


Author:  TimC [ Aug 17th, '07, 22:23 ]
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I think if we just compile a huge list of the different plants species. Work out or register you name against the seeds you have. Have a way or representing the common, rare and most wanted seeds. Maybe indicate what species are prohibited in certain areas.

It wouldn't take much to wip up a fancy looking web page, integrate with google's AJAX. Have a world map so you can list seed locations to find the people near you. On the sharing principle you could go as far as a ranking system like ours to determine the active seed sharing participants.

Author:  EllKayBee [ Aug 18th, '07, 09:59 ]
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I'm interested in the idea and have started doing trials on AP produced seeds.

Author:  niloc [ Aug 18th, '07, 12:42 ]
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veggie boy wrote:
Mainly issues with WA and Tasmania. There are no useful members in those states anyway ;-)

:cry: :x :evil: :twisted: Your turn will come VB! :violent3:
Im heading east in september and I know where you live! :twisted:

Author:  niloc [ Aug 18th, '07, 12:45 ]
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By the way VB I m like Steve in that I have pyromaniac tendencies!

Author:  veggie boy [ Aug 18th, '07, 12:55 ]
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Author:  Axl [ Aug 18th, '07, 13:09 ]
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Niloc, please try to contain your fires to the south east corner!

Author:  bio-farmer [ Aug 24th, '07, 12:51 ]
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hi all,

well i just spoke to the manager of my local seed saver network and he said he will chime in with some ideas here if he gets time.

after some discussion we came to an arrangement that i will take over running the seed storing/ cataloging side of the network. he will still be in charge but i will do the hands on stuff. he is busy studying for uni and doesn't have the time.

there are hundreds of different varieties which i will sort through and catalog. what i intend to do is setup an online data base with stock and numbers available.

i am willing to tie this work in with the ap seed exchange.

i'm still not sure how this will all work yet but vb has some good ideas. firstly i will sort them and make the data base. we can then sort out the details on how to approach this.

if anyone has any more ideas please post them in this thread or pm myself or vb.

Author:  RupertofOZ [ Aug 24th, '07, 13:02 ]
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Great stuff BF... let us know how you're going from time to time.

Author:  bio-farmer [ Aug 24th, '07, 13:28 ]
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with regards to sending seeds over australia. from what i gathered, the sending of seeds across boarders is an ethical issue more so then legal. seeds are sent across all the time. there are some things that should not be sent. potato plants for example are known to carry nasty diseases which can cause havoc on local environments. this is something i will have to look into more before receiving exchanges. i believe seeds have less of a problem with disease, however there are certain plants which i wouldn't want getting loose here.

at the end of the day i will make a decision based on what i feel will protect diversity, for the future generations to utilize. if i bring in something harmful i will risk loosing diversity on a local level. if i don't bring in anything at all, there is a risk that that diversity will be lost forever. hidden in that diversity may have been the cure to cancer. hence i have an urgency to save the seed.

Author:  bio-farmer [ Aug 24th, '07, 13:41 ]
Post subject:  Re: Should we try and get an active seed exchange going?

a few seeds i picked up.

getting enthused about getting things together.

the future is in my hands.

seed.jpg [ 58.84 KiB | Viewed 9612 times ]

Author:  TimC [ Aug 24th, '07, 13:56 ]
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I tell you the best ever seed containers for both storage and transport is those white translucent film canisters. You can write on the outside and is is very clear plus they are completely air tight.

My dad has a shelf with over a hundred containers with different seeds dating back over the years. Just go down to your local photo shop and ask for some of them, they usually give them to me in the box full.

Author:  Caribean-grower [ Aug 27th, '07, 04:49 ]
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yeah ap produced seed should grow better in ap systems anyway but why can it be a world wide seed network?

Author:  veggie boy [ Aug 27th, '07, 05:01 ]
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I guess it could be CG - was just thinking about export restrictions and stuff. Would need to do more research to see if possible.

Author:  harrywykman [ Aug 28th, '07, 13:20 ]
Post subject:  Re: Should we try and get an active seed exchange going?

Hi Folks,

I coordinate the seed exchange which Bio-Farmer (BF) mentioned. Our local seed network (LSN) is a part of a larger, national network called Seedsavers (

I have offered the seeds which our network currently has to BF if something gets going.

Connecting with seedsavers would be a distint advantage as they already have systems up and running. It would be interesting to explore whether they would be keen on aquaponically grown seed as they are permaculturalists, but I think that it would be worth having the conversation.

It would mean that you would also have access to a much wider network of seed than you would otherwise and overcome the problem of a credit system or anything. Quarantine issues would also be solved by this.

I can be contacted at harrybw (AT) iinet (DOT) net (DOT) au, if you are interested in more info. I recommend getting in touch with Michelle and Jude via the webpage, however.


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