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Selling 3.6*4m greenhouse and CHIFT-PIST AP system
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Author:  Tallman [ May 12th, '18, 15:38 ]
Post subject:  Selling 3.6*4m greenhouse and CHIFT-PIST AP system

Hi all,
It's been ages since I've frequented BYAP. A couple of years ago I took on a significantly bigger role at work, and a couple of months ago I changed companies and took on a bigger role still. Needless to say I have been short on spare time. The AP system has been quite neglected during that time. It has grown some nice size Barra (1.5kg ea) and a stack of tomatoes and basil, but often has been left to it's own devices (apart from fish feeding).
Well, it's time to bite the bullet and let the greenhouse go.
The GH and AP build is described in a fair bit of detail here.
In short its a steel hoop greenhouse, 4m*3.6m, with a flywire door. The metal frame is taped with proper GH tape to protect the skin from abrasion and heat when the frame heats up. The skin is commercial GH skin (Duratough 210 micron Clear Greenhouse Film from Redpath). And I have a few metres of the skin still on a role. The GH skin cost $300.
Inside is a sunken sump IBC, a FT IBC, and two GB's full of expanded clay media. There's a pump in the sump and one suspended under the sump to pump out seepage into the sump hole. And there's a bunch of misc bits and pieces like a FT airpump etc.
I'd like to get $400 for the lot. ONO. Pickup only, Brisbane. I'm happy to help someone disassemble it and carry it out. Would need a big-ass trailer to move it as the end frames could not be disassembled and would have to be moved intact. They are 3.6m so probably a tandem trailer. The move could be done over a couple or few weekends if necessary.
If interested message me.
Cheers all, B

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