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USDA 11 Thailand- want to swap tropical fruit & Veggies?
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Author:  See Will [ Oct 22nd, '18, 01:26 ]
Post subject:  USDA 11 Thailand- want to swap tropical fruit & Veggies?

Hi all,

I am living close to the Chatuchak Market in Bangkok and also have one big Plant (seed) market close to my doorstep in Pattaya.

I would like to give members an opportunity to get with me in contact to swap seeds to make us both stand off the crowd.

As to see in my other post (commercial Aquaponics) I am planning a 10000 sqm AP system and off cause to face the competition I am permanently experimenting with in my country uncommon species.

If anyone has interest or has found in the some plant that created a 'want to have' feeling but you can't get hold on, please let me know, I am seriously willing to help.

I will be back home in about 4 weeks and start chasing and sending them and I hope to get some favors returned when I find some plant suitable for the same tropical area. I live USDA Zone 11

Please fair play,,, I'll send and then you should be serious enough to return the favor as well if i find something in your country. Its not about the money but the honor and the fun to have grower friends 1000's of miles apart.

We should send each others a proof like a slip from the post office as some countries have strange Postmans with sticky fingers and probably a huge garden as well ;-) so a relationship will not end in a "did and did not"

more per pm


Will (See is my wife btw)

Author:  earthbound [ Oct 22nd, '18, 07:49 ]
Post subject:  Re: USDA 11 Thailand- want to swap tropical fruit & Veggies?

Please keep bio-security in mind and check relevant government information and regulation.

eg Austalia ... for-sowing

Author:  See Will [ Oct 22nd, '18, 23:42 ]
Post subject:  Re: USDA 11 Thailand- want to swap tropical fruit & Veggies?

Thanks earthbound especially in name for all Aussies and the western world.
I had a look on my seed packs and all have some certificate Number from the agricultural department in Thailand declared as clean and free of diseases.
How far this number worldwide reaches I don't know.

I guess the worst case if sent by mail would be that the Customs claim it and put a lighter under..

Here in Thailand its seen a bit more relaxed. I brought recently about 50 seed packs from Europe and Singapore with me and the customs were just pushing them beside looking deeper into my suitcase for smuggled alcohol and ciggies.

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