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Algae buildup (Green)
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Author:  Ozzyrod [ Jun 12th, '19, 09:09 ]
Post subject:  Algae buildup (Green)

Hello all,

I have a 1000 litre tank for my 7 rainbow trout with a grow bed on top of it and a sump tank with pump in it that receives its flow from the fish tank. The pump pumps water to the grow bed and runs a venturi setup in the tank.

But I have been unable to get to the tank because of the grow bed on top so I am looking for a new design. (Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated)

However my biggest problem at the moment is that the tank now has a green tinge to the walls and water (Yes, I know I should have painted it, or covered it but I was slack) I now have some mini orb cladding to go around it when I get the grow bed off it. My fish seem to be still feeding ok, not that I can see them at the bottom, but I certainly see them when I throw food in. I have just got 5 x 50mm uniseals to increase the pipework and get some better flow happening (presently all fittings are 40 mm. But as luck would have it, it is pouring rain for the next day or two.

Anyway after that long winded feedback, my question is
Will the algae harm the fish? Will they survive for a few more days? I know it is not ideal but I cant do much in the short term, short of getting another tank and putting them in there till I sort things out??


Author:  earthbound [ Jun 13th, '19, 08:31 ]
Post subject:  Re: Algae buildup (Green)

The algae won't harm the fish so much but often alge blooms can be a sign that something is out in the system, pH change or nutrient spike etc. Also algae consumes oxygen in the water so make sure you keep pumping especially at night for the fish.

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