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I know I am a few years late to the conversation, but I am very curious how this project turned out for you. Any way you can post an update for us?

Kingmt wrote:
Well to give a little more info: I'm buying some land & going after a government loan. Terms are I have to make a profit. Everything I'm planning I already know how to do except for fish. I don't know of anyone else around here doing it so I thought it would be nice to add. I believe in diversifying so if one thing fails I don't lose everything. I'm just learning about AP & it sounds like such a great concept. I also want something that my wife can run & my kids will be interested in. This will be a family business unless it nets enough that requires help. The goal is for it to pay for itself then hopefully to the point it becomes my full time job that I can leave the one in at now. I make decent money & can still pay the bills & bail out the farm even if most of it fails. I'm going to try my hardest to ensure that isn't the case tho. I've always done all my own work & maintained everything myself. I am good at budgets, mechanical, electrical, & with a good guide or a great deal of searching I can get through electronics. I enjoy farming which is surprising since when I was a kid I said I'd never go back to farming. But since being on my own I found out I actually like hard work & I can't stand not being in the country. My kids are actually pretty good workers & enjoy the animals & gardening.

Thanks for the welcome & heads up. I didn't really expect a major operation to be of much help I've already found there doesn't seem to be much info of that nature out there but I didn't really expect there to be ether. My family has ran a profitable farm for a long time which was also backed by a full time job working for someone else. This farm is Mom & Dad's tho. I'm want to make mine my kids & hopefully grandkids farm.

Thanks for your input. The reason for the 6 month plan is it should be about 6 months to close the deal. & I need a plan on paper at that time. I also really don't have expectations of making more money then I know how to spend. I know the vegetables don't turn a large amount just selling a few. The fish I want to raise the vegetables & hope they pay for their keep with a little bit of profit to help.

Thanks for your input & links. Every link someone suggest is worth reading saves me time searching for good info & helps credit it. The reason for tilapia is to get the system running faster & have some kind of return the first year. Actually perch seem like the best option for us. I'll be looking into other options as well.

This conversation doesn't have to come from major operations. I welcome input from everyone. You never know who can have useful input. I'll ether build off an idea or if I don't think it will work for me I'll pass it by but I'm just as open & thankful for the response ether way. I've been given good ideas &a new prospective even from kids before so I'll listen to anyone's idea. ;-)

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