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 Post subject: System Glossary
PostPosted: Mar 2nd, '07, 11:03 
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System Glossary (under construction)

Aquaculture - The controlled cultivation and harvest of aquatic plants or animals (eg, edible marine algae, clams, oysters, and salmon).

Aeroponics - a hydroponic technique involving the use of sprayers, nebulizers, foggers, or other devices to create a fine mist of solution to deliver nutrients to plant roots.

Aquaponics - the integration of aquaculture and hydroponics. The reason WHY we are all here :)

Auto-siphon -

Barrelponics -

CHIFT PIST - Constant Height in Fish Tank, Pump in Sump Tank --- One method of running a system to ensure that the fish tank water level won't fluctuate. Also makes it unlikely that the fish tank will run dry if the pipes break or some other crises occurs. Typically water is pumped from sump to fish tank and then a SLO carries water from fish tank to grow beds which then drain back to the sump.

Continuous Flow - Water flowing 24/7

Constant Flood - Method of running an aquaponic system where the grow beds are constantly flooded (usually to the same depth as the deepest part of a flood and drain cycle) and the water is continuously flowing. The water remains in the grow bed if the power goes out - there is no weep hole in the standpipe like for flood and drain.

Deep Water Culture - a hydroponic method of growing plants in which the roots are suspended above, and allowed to drop down into an aerated nutrient solution. This is not natural but with a properly aerated solution the roots can be continually submerged without problems because the roots take up nutrients in the presence of oxygen. The solution is usually aerated constantly by using standard aquarium pumps and air stones, which deliver oxygen to the roots. The container holding the roots and aerated nutrient solution must be completely light proof in order to prevent algae growth. The solution must be topped off from time to time.

Ebb & Flow - or Flood & Drain.

Flood & Drain - or Ebb & Flow. In its simplest form, there is a tray above a reservoir of nutrient solution. The tray is either filled with growing medium (clay granules being the most common) and planted directly, or pots of medium stand in the tray. At regular intervals, a simple timer causes a pump to fill the upper tray with nutrient, after which the nutrient drains back down into the reservoir. This keeps the medium regularly flushed with nutrient and air.

Flow Through -

Floating Raft Culture -

Grow Media -

Hydroponics - The growing of plants without soil by using an inert medium such as sand, peat, or vermiculite and adding a nutrient solution containing all the essential elements needed by the plant for its normal growth and development.

Nutrient Film Technique - In this method, the plants grow through light-proof plastic films placed over shallow, gently sloping channels. A steady flow of nutrients is maintained along the channel, and the roots grow into dense mats, with a thin film of nutrient passing over them (hence the name of the technique). A downside of the technique is that it has very little buffering against interruptions in the flow e.g. power outages, but overall, it is probably one of the more productive techniques.

Passive siphon -

SLO - solids lifting overflow

Stocking Density -

Uninterruptible Power Supply - A special power source which takes over in the event of a failure in the main power system.

Venturi Drains - see here for a full discussion

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