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Please help, newbie
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Author:  swzaqua [ Oct 5th, '17, 12:13 ]
Post subject:  Please help, newbie

Hi all, so I set up my aquarium aquaponic last month and all my plants are dying. My aquarium is 3 years old with Oscar and Red devil, so I assumed this is cycled. I ran some test, see below and the photo link. Not sure why the plant kept dying. I have an airstone in the tank and have the light on for 13 hours a day. Any advice is greatly appreciated.

ammonia near zero
Nitrite 5 ppm
Nitrate 90 ppm
Cacium 460
KH 196.
PO 10
Temp: 80 F
PH 6.9-7.0
Light : Sylvania® 17W T8 Grow Fluorescent Light Bulbs - 2 pk from menard ... M.jpg?dl=0 ... M.jpg?dl=0 ... M.jpg?dl=0 ... M.jpg?dl=0 ... M.jpg?dl=0 ... M.jpg?dl=0

Author:  danny [ Oct 5th, '17, 15:46 ]
Post subject:  Re: Please help, newbie

How long have the plants been there? did you plant them from seed?
34 Watts of fluorescent sounds a bit low for that many plants/much grow area, but that doesn't look like their main problem tbh...

Author:  dstjohn99 [ Oct 6th, '17, 00:40 ]
Post subject:  Re: Please help, newbie


5ppm nitrite? How are your fish still alive? (maybe 0.5?)

I don't know much about lights and growing indoors, but your pH and nitrates look good. Maybe you lack other nutrients like potassium or phosphorus? Are you using aquarium fish food? Many find that aquarium fish food does not provide a broad range of nutrients.

You might try searching charts for nutrient deficiency and review against your plant symptoms. Also consider an additive like Maxicrop (Seasol) powdered seaweed for some trace minerals. It will turn your water dark for a few days but should help the plants considerably. Lastly, maybe a tiny bit of chelated iron? Not sure - again compare your symptoms to a nutrient deficiency chart.

Good luck!

Author:  fortheloveoffish [ Oct 6th, '17, 01:04 ]
Post subject:  Re: Please help, newbie

Whenever I grow anything under fluorescent lights, I keep the light MUCH closer to the plants (like <6 inches away). I don't use designated "grow" lights, so your lights may be better than mine, but I do believe you could benefit from bringing the light closer. I am attempting to put a link to a photo of one of my old grow beds to show you how close I have placed (I even ended up adding a second lamp and moving them closer to the plants. I keep my lights adjustable so I can bring them up higher as the plants grow.


Author:  swzaqua [ Oct 6th, '17, 06:41 ]
Post subject:  Re: Please help, newbie

OK, thanks for all. So, I think is ok now. I came home today and looks like the roots are growing long and the plant looks much better. My nitrite is .5. I will move the light closer. Thanks!

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