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Author:  mooneymanordk [ Aug 4th, '18, 06:24 ]
Post subject:  HELP!!!

:flower: hi guys
I am just starting my aquaponics, I am using a IBC tote and I need to fill in top where plants go but here the clay pellets a very costly. Is there a cheaper medium and a safe on for the fish?

Author:  dlf_perth [ Aug 4th, '18, 15:43 ]
Post subject:  Re: HELP!!!

lots of options... just make sure the media is inert and not limestone/calcium based,
is not too small/fine sized and is not artificially colored.

scoria (lava rock) is often used and can be brought in bulk - provided it is not the artificially coloured type.

granite ballast (bluemetal) - works but is is quite heavy [be careful not to use dolomite however]

river rock is another option - can often get that easily.

most inert things you can get by the trailer load at a landscape outlet are OK,
particularly if you are going to have deep grow beds....

you need to get the dust/fine particles out of whatever you decide to use

clay is good because it holds moisture and doesn't heat up as much as rock materials.
clay is good because it is light and easy to dig and move around with your hands.
clay is good ebcause it is definitely inert, and wont create uncertainty or pH issues.

whatever you go with try and get a bucketfull. Then put it in you propsoed system water and see what the pH is after a couple of days. Gently put a small amount in some hydrochloric acid HCL and if it bubblesor forms bubbles on the meadia don't use it.

another options if using deeper beds is to put rock material in the bottom and clay near the top.

anyway ... a bit of further searching on the forum will flick up various questions along the same line.

advice #1 - go down your local landscape yard and see what they have and then post back here.

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