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Large scale filtration system, now what?
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Author:  threefish [ Sep 2nd, '18, 04:24 ]
Post subject:  Large scale filtration system, now what?

I am a very lucky person, I just obtained a 300 gallon K1 media biological filter, large sump, oxygen cone, mechanical, chemical and dual 120 watt UV filtration platform. I am a clownfish and freshwater angelfish breeder ( hobbiest). My question is what are my options with a system like this? Tilapia, vegetables, table shrimp, any others ideas? How can I best utilize this filtration system. It came from a 10,000 gallon freshwater aquarium.

Author:  scotty435 [ Sep 4th, '18, 09:07 ]
Post subject:  Re: Large scale filtration system, now what?

Yes you are lucky :thumbright: . What you choose depends more on your growing environment. The filtration will help you with numbers.

Many freshwater fish will work and you can grow plants (Most vegetables will work) with the nitrates provided by breaking down fish water using the filtration. Some unusual choices would be Pacu, Oscars and Gouramis if you have warm enough conditions (I think these would require tropical conditions but you might want to check on that). More normal fish choices would be Channel Catfish and Bluegill for warm waters - Yellow Perch for cool water and Trout for cold water.

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