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anybody in Texas
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Author:  moore_farm [ Aug 7th, '07, 22:19 ]
Post subject:  anybody in Texas

I am looking to start one but i want to know if anyone in Texas has one and i can come and look at it.

Author:  RupertofOZ [ Aug 7th, '07, 22:26 ]
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Quick list of member names ....

CTex, Mathew, Hoopman, TXPower, Mike Hutzler......

Welcome to the forum moore-farm.... have a look around....

Tell us a bit about yourself and what you have or have planned.

Author:  janethesselberth [ Aug 7th, '07, 22:34 ]
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Also let us know if you have any travel plans in the near future. I'm not that far from the Philadelphia airport (45 minutes or so).

I am eager to hear what you are up to, Moore.

Author:  michael_Ferrini [ Aug 8th, '07, 02:11 ]
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Welcome to the BYAP forum.

Author:  Jaymie [ Aug 8th, '07, 05:57 ]
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welcome Moore Farm :D you can see that we are all sticky-beaks here and want to know all about your aquaponics plans! Of course, we'll also tell you all of ours too! :D

Author:  Mathew [ Aug 8th, '07, 06:50 ]
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I have a system in process of set up now. With in the month or so, it should be available to view, however, you will likely only see fish and a little green. My water plants are the only ones up and started now. water mint, water celery, water cress, water hyacinth, duck weed, and a few others. The GB's are going in now.

Once it is up and growing, you are welcome to come take a look ( I have pallets, lumber, pipes and the usual all over the construction area right now), though it is a bit of a distance for you. I am in the southern most part of TX. Put your breaks on hard just before the Rio Grande and if you don't fall in, you will be at my place.


Author:  little_froggi [ Aug 19th, '07, 11:36 ]
Post subject:  Re: anybody in Texas

There's a commercial redclaw crayfish farm in texas- just google Texas Aquaponics.

Author:  rassd71 [ Aug 19th, '07, 12:01 ]
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Unfortunately, Texas Aquaponics can't have farm tours. It says so on their website, but contact them, ya never know.

Author:  veggie boy [ Aug 19th, '07, 12:55 ]
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Hoopman was from Texas I think. Seems to have troddled off though.

Author:  DanDMan [ Jan 2nd, '08, 21:27 ]
Post subject: 

I am in East Texas

Author:  redeyes [ Feb 15th, '08, 12:13 ]
Post subject: 

san antonio here but i dont have anything going

Author:  mrgrackletx [ Feb 15th, '08, 14:49 ]
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central texas... austin :)

Author:  badfish03 [ Feb 23rd, '08, 06:04 ]
Post subject:  Re: anybody in Texas

Nothing set up yet but working on it.
Boerne Texas
Halfway between Austin and San Antonio

Author:  TXPower [ May 25th, '08, 09:50 ]
Post subject:  Re: anybody in Texas

I'm 45 minutes North of Dallas, TX.


Author:  Mike Hutzler [ May 26th, '08, 04:08 ]
Post subject:  Re: anybody in Texas

I don't have anything started yet still in the scavaging stage. I think Dandman is up and runnig if not real close.

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