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Author:  Olushoso [ Apr 26th, '14, 18:07 ]
Post subject:  Re: International Systems

Hi Everyone,

I just got my system cycled here in the UK, about 20 miles north of Oxford. I'm using a 1000 litre IBS with four half 200 litre barrels as grow beds. I'm running 10 goldfish during startup but figuring out if I should stock with Trout or Carp.

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Author:  Martynf65 [ May 28th, '14, 19:58 ]
Post subject:  Re: International Systems

Hello all,

My home made (barrelponics) is located in Chippenham, North Wiltshire. Been running since July 2013, had good results had bad results, its a learning journey


Author:  Ronald Lao [ Mar 24th, '15, 17:53 ]
Post subject:  Re: International Systems

Hi All,

I'm doing urban aquaponics in Metro Manila, Philippines. 4 IBC fish tanks using DWC system. Learning everyday! :)

Author:  IsraelAP [ Mar 24th, '15, 18:45 ]
Post subject:  Re: International Systems

I'm a Texan transplanted to Israel. Been experimenting with AP for about 3 years. System has now evolved into about 4000 liters. CHIP PIST. Just laid a slab to put in another IBC so we can run a second batch of fish. Fingerlings coming soon.

We have 16 500g HSB, this flows through a RFF and then a bottle cap bio filter. Then through 12 100 liters GB's with sipons, running mostly constant flood due to decreased flow. These drain into the submersed sump where the pump sends it back to the FT. Always a WIP!

Author:  Hayato7777777 [ Nov 21st, '15, 22:07 ]
Post subject:  Re: International Systems

Hi, I'm in Tokyo, and I have a 60L aquaponics system with Mizuna. If anyone is in the city, p[lease contact me and we can discuss topics!

Author:  BarbinFlorida [ Feb 12th, '16, 01:56 ]
Post subject:  Re: International Systems

I'm in Central Florida. New to the aquaponic farming, but looking forward to applying some of the successful best practices to get going on the right foot!

Author:  Eric F [ Feb 19th, '16, 04:36 ]
Post subject:  Re: International Systems

I live in Costa Rica, close to San Vito, in the southern mountains near the border with Panamá. I have two gbs made of an ibc tank and another for fish. Soon I will be putting up tubes also. I use tilapia and some wild fish from a pond, catfish and something like shad. I dont eat them yet. Im just finishing a greenhouse that will keep the bugs out. Some. I hope... I have strawberries and a couple other things. I put some small trees in one bed to see how they do, hoping they grow quickly for my other pastime, bonsai. After two weeks there looking fine.. I am going to have lettuce and other stuff to sell and trade. So I will have questions and will gladly help other folks. Thanks for your time and the effort to host this site! I should mention that Im an American ex pat, sort of trapped here. I am happy to help anyone who needs it with Spanish, Im fluent. And easy going, easy to befriend..

Author:  nosliwmas [ Feb 19th, '16, 07:24 ]
Post subject:  Re: International Systems

Hey Eric F!

I'm over on the other side of Costa Rica, in Guanacaste, and just getting started. So happy to hear from others down here in Ticalandia... ;-) I'm starting with an 1100L water tank (ecotank) for fish tank and either 2 x 200L barrels for sump tank (or maybe another water tank that is 450L.) But I have yet to find any water testing supplies like the common API Freshwater Test Kit for checking pH, Ammonia, Nitrites, and Nitrates. Have you found any such thing anywhere in Costa Rica? How about pumps? Where have you found suitable water pumps? I'm about 5 hours out of the Central Valley (San José) but I'd make the 10 hour round-trip to pick up those things even if I had no other reason to go...

¡Pura Vida! :headbang:


Author:  rininger85 [ Jun 20th, '17, 20:18 ]
Post subject:  Re: International Systems

Just looking through some old threads and found this... so here I am... I'm located in Charlotte / Eaton Rapids, Michigan, USA.

I'm getting close to a year that I've had my system running now, although the original system was totally dismantled and reassembled when I got my greenhouse built, the gravel from the original bed was transferred to a new bed so it has a little age to it rather than starting fresh with my new larger setup.

My greenhouse is a small 16x16ft that I custom built myself to try and run it year round without paying for heat. I managed to keep things from freezing the first winter but still have some work to do before I'll be able to grow year round. At least good season extension for now, but hopefully I'll finish everything to be able to grow through the next winter.

I have two IBC fish tanks in the greenhouse, one 330 gallon IBC and one 275 gallon IBC that was cut off to about 200 gallon capacity. Then I have 5 different beds with different medias to try and figure out what I like best. The biggest bed is about 12ft x 2ft and is a DWC raft bed. Then I have an 8ftx2ft dirt wicking bed, a 6ftx2ft gravel bed, a 2ftx2ft hydroton bed and a 3ftx2ft lava rock bed. I'm still trying to figure out how to add NFT and vertical towers to the system where they will be easily accessible and not in the way.

So far I raised rainbow trout over the winter and now I've switched to Blue Tilapia for the summer. I have a few yellow perch in there too that survived from my initial launch of the test system.

Author:  peterold [ Jun 23rd, '17, 20:25 ]
Post subject:  Re: International Systems

I'm in Moscow, Russia. I don't have a system yet, but I'm interested in building one at my dacha outside the city. I have a half-built system at my parents' home in the States.

Author:  Know expert [ Aug 4th, '17, 04:55 ]
Post subject:  Re: International Systems

Hello aquaponicists, New member new system here in France. I joined this forum today August 2017. Let's see how it goes...... K E

Author:  Shilden_72 [ Sep 21st, '18, 22:58 ]
Post subject:  Re: International Systems

I'm from Belgium, and don't have the space of an aquaponics system yet (not in a 90 sq ft flat with no backyard!) but I may relocate to Greece in a couple months and enjoy myself there.

Author:  mikeyrenz [ Oct 31st, '19, 22:34 ]
Post subject:  Re: International Systems

Hello! I'm located in Northern Michigan, USA in Petoskey and I have a fairly new DWC system that's around 2000 gallons in a 20' geodesic dome greenhouse. The entire structure, grow beds, and water systems are built from scratch. The goal is to minimize energy usage and run the greenhouse year around. It does have full utilities in the mean time (water, natural gas, electricity, and an unused geothermal line).

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