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Author:  murrayhallam [ Dec 1st, '17, 20:17 ]
Post subject:  Re: Queensland

I live near, 21-31 Hives Road, North Maclean and I have more than 10 years of experience in this field. I love to help peoples to set up their own aquaponics system. You can contact me at: 07 3200 0272.

Murray Hallam
Consultant in Queensland

Author:  Mr Damage [ Dec 2nd, '17, 03:31 ]
Post subject:  Re: Queensland

johnmurrell wrote:
I have a relatively new system with a 1000 l fish tank (with 30 Jade Perch fingerlings), currently around 200 l of grow beds with scoria medium with ebb and Flow

Didn't see this post at the time John, and you've probably realised already, but 30 Jades will need a LOT more than 200L of gravel. They need 25L+ of bio-filtration (wet gravel) per fish to safely get them through to plate size, so about 750L+ of wet gravel for that amount of Jades.

Author:  earthbound [ Dec 2nd, '17, 12:39 ]
Post subject:  Re: Queensland

Murray Hallam... Stop paying spammers... They make you look like a dumb prick..

Author:  FishyFill [ May 7th, '18, 19:24 ]
Post subject:  Re: Queensland

Has AP died or is it still just blowing bubbles ??????

Author:  Pear Productions [ May 10th, '18, 13:33 ]
Post subject:  Re: Queensland

Hi all,
I'm in Deception Bay. Just started out with 1 IBC system. Only have 5 goldfish in here so far but am receiving silver perch soon. I bought the complete system which consists out of:
1 x IBC, I have 500l in the fish tank and the growbed on top. It is set up with just a stand drain and I have the pump running continuously. The pump is an aquapro 550. I also run a aquaone airpump with 2 golfballs.
I'm already contemplating gettin a 2nd IBC and doing this one myself and set it up with a bell syphon.

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