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Author:  earthbound [ Sep 4th, '06, 13:15 ]
Post subject:  Queensland

If your living in Queensland and would like to possibly speak with others in your area, please reply to this post, and give people an idea of where you are (no exact details, town or postcode perhaps) and whether or not you have an aquaponic system. :)

Author:  Jaymie [ Sep 4th, '06, 13:51 ]
Post subject:  Re: Queensland

Hi all, I'm just south of Townsville, 4816.

We're essentially in the Arid Dry Tropics as opposed to the Wet Tropics which is up the road a bit!

I don't have a system as yet, but the bobcat is coming this week to level the site! :D

I'm hoping to have Silver Perch and next year some Red Claw.

Author:  EllKayBee [ Sep 4th, '06, 15:20 ]
Post subject: 

Burpengary/Caboolture area north of Brisbane 4505, I keep trying to put a system together but some how get sidetracked in improving an auto siphon mechanism - but I'll get there...

Author:  nick [ Sep 4th, '06, 16:42 ]
Post subject: 

hi all I live in ferny hills on brisbanes northside and have two systems going at the moment.

My first system is a aeroponics system with barramundi for the fish a seperate bio ball filter and a two aeropnics tubs that contained initially different lettuce, basil, parlsey and mint. THe lettuce have all gone to seed and the parsley took a long time to take off but has now got there. The mint is huge.

My second system is a grow bed system with three sixty litre grow beds with hydroton and a 500l tub with goldfish, silverperch, bristlenose catfish and yabbies. The silverperch are quite small and have been so for a while but the bristlenose have doubled or tripled in size. The plants though are booming and in my opionion are much more easily managed than in the aeroponics which have a series of anagement issues not faced in the grow beds.

Any way happy to have a chat.

Author:  Gary Donaldson [ Sep 4th, '06, 16:44 ]
Post subject:  Re: Queensland

I come from Bundamba 4304 near Ipswich.

Author:  aquamad [ Sep 4th, '06, 17:56 ]
Post subject: 

Come from Cairns 4870... Been playing with aquaponics for about 4 months or so and am getting more addicted to it - there is just sooooo much to learn! :D

Author:  veggie boy [ Sep 4th, '06, 18:55 ]
Post subject: 

I live near Nick - you can see what I have on my thread (systems/vb's system - bought my first pond). I am hoping to get a bigger tank and build a greenhouse when time permits (maybe around Xmas). In the meantime I am getting some good experience and getting some great bacteria established in my small system.

Author:  andywhite [ Sep 5th, '06, 18:08 ]
Post subject:  Re: Queensland

G'Day, I live in Cashmere (north side) and currently do not have a system. Received Joels book yesterday and have been spending many late nights reading the forum. I am hooked!

Author:  veggie boy [ Sep 5th, '06, 18:37 ]
Post subject: 

I live near Nick and andywhite lives near me. Soon we will get a tango line going all the way out to BR and LKB.

Author:  aquamad [ Sep 5th, '06, 18:40 ]
Post subject: 


Author:  derekh [ Sep 5th, '06, 18:49 ]
Post subject: 

BR = Big Red
LKB = EllKayBee (Les)

I live less than 5 minutes from LKB in Narangba.

Author:  Murray [ Sep 5th, '06, 18:55 ]
Post subject:  Re: Queensland

I live on Brisbane southside . I have been running a small system based on a 200 ltr tank and a strawberry tower. Now have a 600 ltr tank (flood and drain) with 1 x 600 ltr grow bed (will add another grow bed next week.)


File comment: The terrible truth about Aquaponics....shovelling gravel ... dirty gravel !!!
100_2370.jpg [ 72.94 KiB | Viewed 16843 times ]

Author:  veggie boy [ Sep 5th, '06, 19:18 ]
Post subject: 

Beat me to it Muzza - just finished painting the stand on the weekend and will get gravel when I have some time. Bloody stand I made was such a good fit that once I painted it it is now a squeeze to get the bed into the lip. Guess I may need to grind back a bit of the metal at the couple of spots where it is tight. At least I can see where this is because the paint has rubbed off a bit on the bed. Or maybe I'll just leave as is - it does fit, jut needs a bit of persuasion to get it in. Is this dangerous to do this Murray - if the metal expands in the heat, will the bed flex a bit to take the movement? BTW, what type of gravel did u go for and did u use the ute method for washing?

Author:  EllKayBee [ Sep 5th, '06, 19:47 ]
Post subject: 

looks like he's gonna use the flood & drain method to wash :thumbup:

Author:  Murray [ Sep 6th, '06, 05:41 ]
Post subject:  Re: Queensland

Hi VB,
Yes used the back of the ute to do a "flood and drain" wash of the gravel. Used heaps of my precious rain water to wash the damm stuff but when I started the system working, the muck that was still in that gravel is hard to believe.
The Jades are ok, I think, can't see them anymore. I figure that in their natural habitat they swim around in muddy creeks, so they should survive.
I am assuming it will all clear up after a few days.
I went and got half a mtr of gravel in the ute of 10mm drainage gravel, not enough, had to go back for a second half, but needed only about another wheel barrow of gravel to top the bed up.
I went with the drainage gravel because both the landscape supply places here locally did not have any round river gravel, and I figure, it's only those blokes with "office worker" hands who would find the drainage gravel a problem. The bacteria won't know the difference. Besides that it is only 45.00 per mtr
I know what you mean about a tight fit on the grow bed stand. If it is tight it won't matter much, the FG will flex a real lot before it breaks, if you cna get it in without too much effort it will be good.


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