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Author:  Food&Fish [ Apr 14th, '15, 15:18 ]
Post subject:  Re: Victoria

How about sunbury

Author:  BNDYBEAR [ May 1st, '15, 19:04 ]
Post subject:  Re: Victoria

im in lancefield but unfortunately left my setup with the new owners of our house after we sold and bought a new place with more rooom for AP. unfortunately I have not had time to set up a new system. YET!!!!

Author:  sammo [ May 28th, '15, 13:24 ]
Post subject:  Re: Victoria

pronga wrote:
on mornington peninsula. About to start the build with 1000 litre FT and 250 litre ST. Hopefully 2 flood/drain GBs and maybe a small NFT for fun. Will update as soon as its on the move!

Hi pronga, I'm in Pearcedale and picking up 2 IBCs this weekend which should finally get me started. Have you made any progress with yours?

Author:  Nhibbo [ Sep 2nd, '16, 17:53 ]
Post subject:  Re: Victoria

I have just set up 2 ibc based systems in Altona. One is a single cut down ibc with top of ibc reversed as scoria filled growbed and the second is made from 3 ibc's in a GHIFT PIST arrangement. Both are solar powered 12V systems currently with galaxias from the local lake, but will soon be running Silver Perch. They were designed to be as simple to operate as I could think of (already going through some modifications in the back of my mind) on the KISS principle...less to go wrong.......I hope!

Author:  Nhibbo [ Dec 9th, '16, 17:50 ]
Post subject:  Re: Victoria

3 months in now. I have had some difficulty getting a reliable main pump. The bilge pump I was using has needed it's bearings replaced, so I have put a second one in place until I get round to renewing the bearings in the original. I have tried a pond submersible pump which was rated at 20,000hrs, but it didn't last 20 minutes. (A second one is on the way as replacement....hope it lives up to the hype). I've had SPs in the tanks for about 5 or 6 weeks now, but 2 managed to get past the uptake grill and were sucked out onto the grow beds (where they abruptly stopped growing). I was originally running a 12V air pump but found it to be far too noisy and too low a volume, so have put a Hailea V20 240V pump to aerate the 2 fish tanks and the sump/pump tank. The main 12V system has kept running well, despite a very cloudy cold late spring and early summer this year here in Melbourne.
I was surprised to see that a couple of galaxies are still getting about the tanks, but expect the SP's will remove them pretty soon.

Author:  Petesake [ Dec 9th, '16, 18:23 ]
Post subject:  Re: Victoria

Hi I'm in Healesville.

I have one custom built stainless system going and one IBC system nearly ready to cycle.
See "Pete's first system" & "Pete's IBC 2nd system".
I'm happy to meet and talk with other Apers.

Pete :)

Author:  Nhibbo [ Dec 8th, '17, 08:52 ]
Post subject:  Re: Victoria

Well, another 12 months into this adventure and all going well. The SP's are now 100mm to 225mm (4 to 9 inches) and feeding aggressively as the weather warms up. I have still lost only the initial 2 that were sucked up through the SLO. (I found a 3rd still alive on a GB and returned it to the sump tank and then back into the FT a few months later (when I was eventually able to catch it). Solar system is working well (I built a poly solar water heater to try out in 1 IBC system which worked well (These fish are much larger than the second system, I assume thanks to warmer winter temps). I have built a couple of small filters which work quite well, but need cleaning every couple of weeks, so I think I try a solar RFF set up in parallel. I also placed a floating raft system in the sump tank to soak up extra nitrates. The clear plastic cover over the sump should act like a mini greenhouse (peppers and lettuce varieties) so I am keen to see how they go. I'm also keen to put in a much larger round tank (4500L) and to build a greenhouse to be ready for next winter and have been gradually accumulating the necessary bits and pieces for a to do task over the summer. Talking about summer, I will again be relying on an evaporative cooling system for those very hot days (I hope we don't get too many runs of days in the 40's). So, the system is here for anyone to take a look at that might be interested and yep, the AP bug has bitten deep.

Author:  Camschopsystem [ May 30th, '19, 14:11 ]
Post subject:  Re: Victoria

earthbound wrote:
If your living in Victoria and would like to possibly speak with others in your area, please reply to this post, and give people an idea of where you are (no exact details, town or postcode perhaps) and whether or not you have an aquaponic system. :)

I am in Langwarrin and have built a 3 media bed, 1000ltr fish tank with sump and solids filters, I would like to chat to people in the Melbourne area, to find out whats issues that they may or may not have had and any positives that they have added to their system that i could possibly add to my system to make it better?

cam :wave:

Author:  johnlong [ May 31st, '19, 21:30 ]
Post subject:  Re: Victoria

Hi all,

I've just started and doing a bit of research and lots of YouTube videos. I currently have a 9000L pond that I want to use as part of my system as well as a couple of IBC that I bought.

I'm in Cranbourne and really keen to see what people are doing. I'm keen to get a better understanding of SLO and k1 media filter filtration. Perhaps some 200L drums...



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