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South Australia
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Author:  Bedlore [ Aug 18th, '20, 12:50 ]
Post subject:  Re: South Australia

Yeh I normally harvest the trout in Nov. I don't mind sticking them in the freezer early this year really, but I might try and figure out a way to save my silver perch, they are such slow growers, had them so long they feel a part of the family now.;)

Anyone in the Hills want to baby sit my perch for awhile ;-)

Author:  Graf [ Sep 16th, '20, 11:24 ]
Post subject:  Re: South Australia

Hey Bedlore, how did it all go? I'm also going to be moving my system in the next few weeks from Glenelg area to Mt Compass as we make a tree change. Another plus, it's now only 10 mins or so to tooperang :lol:

I've got around 18 or so rainbows in an IBC setup. I was considering getting another whole IBC or 2 on the back of a trailer, fill with system water and use a camping inverter to plug in my air pump for aeration.

Once the system is empty put it onto a friends flat bed truck (or perhaps a car trailer?) move it to its new home and reassemble. Cut the top of the holding IBC, move most of the water back into the system, net out the fish and rehome.

All this to get another months worth of growth before harvest. Sounds easy right? :?:

Depending on size I might just knock em all off, freeze and have smaller fish to eat this year, it'd save a metric shit ton of mucking around!

Author:  Bedlore [ Sep 18th, '20, 21:13 ]
Post subject:  Re: South Australia

Hiya Graf

Still hasn't happened yet, still preparing the house for sale. Probably a few weeks of going to market yet.

Great for you to head to Mt Compass, if I owned Tooperang and access to that constant perfect spring water, I'd be starting the biggest Australian wasabi farm!

Good luck with you move, if you do it before me then update the thread :)


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