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Schools visit the BYAP Display Centre
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Author:  faye [ Sep 2nd, '11, 16:40 ]
Post subject:  Schools visit the BYAP Display Centre

I thought it was probably time that we started the thread when schools, universtities, and teaching groups visit our display centre. We have been opening our centre since 2007 to educational organisations throughout Western Australia. We have been visited by many groups as part of their studies to showcase what can be done, and to show how easy it can be to grow fish and vegetables or even fruiting and ornamental plants.
As a lecturer in horticulture none of my students escaped the lessons of aquaponics, and all of the classes that I taught made a visit to my home aquaponic system. Hehehehe!
We have been visited by laboratory technicians as part of their conferences, agricultural colleges, TAFE students, primary school pupils and high school students.
Today we had a bus load of 30 students from the southwest town of Harvey stop by. They all went home with copies of the BYAP magazines on disc to allow them to do some further research.
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Author:  faye [ Sep 2nd, '11, 16:49 ]
Post subject:  Re: Schools visit the BYAP Display Centre

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We had to restock the lolly jar when they left, I forgot just how much teenagers can eat :)
Most disappeared to the back of the display centre where the new chicken pens, quail cages and rabbit pens are located. The students are in year 11 and their course is titled "Animal Production Systems" so it was certainly in keeping with their course. We hope they enjoyed their visit and learned something new. One of the questions that I was asked is "do you have a Backyard Aquaponics shop in Bunbury? "
To which I answered "we are still the only one in the world"! :) (To my knowledge.)

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