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Aquaponics in schools
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Author:  DougK [ Jun 19th, '07, 20:28 ]
Post subject:  Aquaponics in schools

Taking advice from the web page and introducing myself ...
I'm a primary teacher in Mt Barker WA. Over the last couple of years I've gotten interested in vermiculture. In the course of hunting for info on that, I came across aquaponics. I'm interested in hearing from anyone connected with an aquaponics school project in WA.
Our Year 4 - 6 are moving to a new school site where our current Senior High school has a Farm, so I see all sorts of possibilities ...
Doug K

Author:  monya [ Jun 19th, '07, 20:30 ]
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pm Johnnie 7au, he's over your way. Also Aquamad is a teacher with school systems, and Mc Phro.

Welcome Douggie!!!!@!

Author:  veggie boy [ Jun 19th, '07, 20:36 ]
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Welcome Doug. Good thing for you is you are in the bosses home State, which will be very good for you in terms of access to good knowledge.

Author:  Jaymie [ Jun 19th, '07, 21:01 ]
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welcome Doug, there is a lot of interest in AP in schools, have fun with it :D

Author:  johnnie7au [ Jun 19th, '07, 21:03 ]
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Hi Doug,

I have been trying to get some aquaculture stuff fixed up at our farm.

I have the premises at our farm, but we have little money and I have to scrounge just about everything I can! I am nearly at the throw my hands up in frustration stage.

Never mind, If you want a chat, pm me and I can give you my phone details. A small system, like my trial and error system at home is quite easy for the primary kids... even something in the classroom would be nice.... then its just a matter of scaling it up.

Author:  RupertofOZ [ Jun 19th, '07, 21:13 ]
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love the idea of this stuff being incorporated in schools... keep it up guys

Author:  DougK [ Jun 19th, '07, 21:20 ]
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Thanks for the welcomes.
Our new school is supposed to be built on the principles of sustainability ... so obviously they'll be throwing money at worthwhile projects like this :-)
I'm picturing a fish tank, water transferred from it by bucket, or siphon, or hand pump, or whatever the year 6 T&E group come up with! ... to a holding tank, which gravity feeds the plants.
Since vermiculture got me into this, the worms should eat plant excess, then be fed to the fish after breeding and pooing ...
Hey! I might go start my own school on the profits!

Author:  aquamad [ Jun 19th, '07, 21:23 ]
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DougK, I will willingly chat to you about all this... in 2 or 3 days tiime when our reports are finalised and posted off :shock:

Author:  DougK [ Jun 19th, '07, 21:28 ]
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What aquamad - not finished reports yet? Finished mine yesterday - my first time to play on the net for two weeks!

Author:  aquamad [ Jun 19th, '07, 21:36 ]
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I do both - we can do our reports from home or from school... problem is I keep popping on here to see how systems are progressing etc... and that eats up my time!
I will be at it till at lest 2 am today :(

Author:  steve [ Jun 19th, '07, 22:12 ]
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he spends too much time here! ;)

Author:  MCPHRO [ Jun 20th, '07, 05:39 ]
Post subject:  Re: Aquaponics in schools


Actually its fair game when I can be "truthful" about some of the kids in the class mwahaha...

Otherwise... The most important thing is to make sure that the AP is embeded into your curriculum. That way its easier to get $ and keep the dream alive :)

I also love the idea of redclaw in the system and getting my girls and boys hands on.... they dont have to love it... but it 'wont' be boring hehe

Author:  aquamad [ Jun 20th, '07, 08:16 ]
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That would be sooo cool! AP on the report... :mrgreen:

Author:  Daniel [ Jun 20th, '07, 08:39 ]
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If only your students could see you now ;)
in your moment of ap weakness.....

Author:  DougK [ Jun 20th, '07, 11:06 ]
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I'm guessing 'redclaw' are a crustacean, probably really nice with vinegar and pepper?
Our Animal Ethics Committee would have something to say about THAT going on in the classroom ...

"...before acquiring invertebrates an acceptable fate plan
must be in place for when they are no longer required."

Is vinegar and cracked pepper an acceptable fate do you think?

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