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Brown lung diseases tilapia? Urgent help needed please.
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Author:  scotty435 [ Sep 24th, '20, 05:22 ]
Post subject:  Re: Brown lung diseases tilapia? Urgent help needed please.

Last few comments sound right to me as well. FWIW it's not unusual to get a film on the water if the fish were dead for awhile and may not be related to a cause of die off but instead to a result of their deaths. Neem Oil can be dangerous for the fish so you do have to be careful (pretty much any oil on the surface will reduce oxygen getting into the water) but I don't think this caused their deaths.

Temp seems like the most likely cause.

Whether you use the water really depends on what you think killed the fish. If you don't think it's zinc or disease then there shouldn't be any issue. Waiting a week or two is a good precaution against some disease issues if you do reuse the water (won't take care of everything but at least some). The biofilter will take care of most other problems and even without feeding the organisms in the filter will be fine for a week or two.

Author:  Purpledino [ Oct 21st, '20, 08:48 ]
Post subject:  Re: Brown lung diseases tilapia? Urgent help needed please.

I never got to say Thank you for your reply scotty245. I was bummed out by the loss of my tilapias that I had bred over a year and a half. I think you guys are right to say that temp was the culprit associated with a weak immune system. My friend who owns a pet store had also lost his tilapia around that time period.

I purchased about 20 juvenile kois yesterday of 4cm each. One thing I'm wondering about is whether the bacteria in my system has crashed after 3 plus weeks? Plants are thriving even though I never injected any sources of ammonia in the system since all the tilapia died.

Water parameters:
pH7.8 Nitrite 0 Nitrate 80+ppm
Ammonia 0.25

My Nitrates was usually 0ppm when my tilapias were well and plants doing well.

High pH is due to buffering end of last week as leaves were showing signs of leaf burn, yellowing and malformation. Usually it wouldn't have gotten that high with the specific ratios I learned for system over time. PH would drop to 6.0 weekly and buffering would bring it to 6.8 never in the 7.8 (blue of API test kit)

I'm scratching my head over the high nitrate as I have 3 cherry tomatoes, 10 strawberry plants and one calabash which are heavy feeders as far as I know. Plus I have a few green vegetables.

Would appreciate if anyone could enlighten me on what could be going on?

For now, how often should I test the water, or would you keep the newly added kois out of the system for now?

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Author:  scotty435 [ Oct 24th, '20, 06:00 ]
Post subject:  Re: Brown lung diseases tilapia? Urgent help needed please.

The high nitrates could be there for several reasons. Sometimes you miss a dead fish or some of the bacteria die off providing ammonia which rapidly becomes nitrates. Often there is a reservoir of nutrients in the grow beds so the loss of fish takes a while to cause the levels to decline. Uneaten food could be a source of nutrients. Some people have water that provides a source of nitrogen. If you're water temp is low then might not be much happening with the bacteria or the plants right now and that could account for the nitrate levels as well. Those are just a few possibilities but basically not using the nitrates or anything that can provide nitrate from breakdown might be keeping the levels high.

I'd look for dead fish on the bottom and any other decaying material. Try to get the ammonia down - right now it's in the safe zone but with the high pH you're getting a bit closer to having troubles. See the chart here - It's OK to add the fish but only after you've done a thorough check of the tank. When you do add them make certain you let them adjust to the pH and temp. I would go easy on the feed and if the water is below 55 F I probably wouldn't feed much if anything.

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