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Sell or go halves in a fish order, Brisbane QLD?
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Author:  Sheep3k [ Oct 17th, '20, 10:18 ]
Post subject:  Sell or go halves in a fish order, Brisbane QLD?

Hi everyone. I'm new!

I have a IBS system with 3m2 of grow beds, jade perch adults 400g ish in size, we've started eating them and have 4 left (from 14 total).

So it's time to get some more, am flexible on species/size/etc.

I am wondering where to get next batch of fish, if there are any forums or places to get 15 or so fingerlings (that can live in the sump until we eat the remaining adults), or get some bigger fish if anyone here is retiring/resetting/scaling back their system.

I'm happy to do an order from ausyfish once they get fingerlings in stock in a month or two, but minimum order is 30 so would want to share with someone and all my friends have retired their systems! :(

I might buy 30 anyway and try to find someone to sell/give them to buy it would be good to hear what you all do when you need to restock your ibs/smaller systems.

Thanks everyone for your input.

Author:  fatpossumfarm [ Oct 21st, '20, 07:52 ]
Post subject:  Re: Sell or go halves in a fish order, Brisbane QLD?

I'm not ready for fish yet in my system (and will probably go murray cod) however I have heard nothing but good news from several different people about Aus native fish enterprises in Kallangur, they will sell small numbers and looks like their pricing for small numbers is under Ausyfish as well.

Once again I have no experience with them personally but you can check tham out at:

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