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Floating Fish Feed Powder
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Author:  SteveSnow [ Jul 25th, '19, 11:08 ]
Post subject:  Floating Fish Feed Powder

Good day folks! I'm a postgraduate candidate and I'm trying to make floating fish feed powder using natural ingredients. The pellets are floating but once I grind em and sprinkle em on water, it sinks fast. Any suggestions? Thank you tons! Newbie here.

Author:  Tearl [ Jul 29th, '19, 18:36 ]
Post subject:  Re: Floating Fish Feed Powder

hello SteveSnow, my suggestion is to buy fish food flakes. They will float for several minutes even after breaking the flakes down to a smaller size. Very important to turn off aeration when feeding otherwise the flakes will sink quickly.
hope this information helps you. Cheers, Tearl.

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