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My tilapia fishes are dying
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Author:  pramodmani [ Nov 14th, '17, 19:08 ]
Post subject:  My tilapia fishes are dying


This is my first post in this forum and desperately looking for some help for my fishes.

I have 15 tilapia fishes in a 50 ltr plastic tank. They are around 3 months old now. All was going well till recently I noticed couple of fishes were dead in a span of couple of weeks. Last week one more was dead and noticed the stomach area of the fish was a big gaping hole.

Can someone help what could be causing this and how to prevent this?

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Author:  scotty435 [ Nov 15th, '17, 14:13 ]
Post subject:  Re: My tilapia fishes are dying

Sorry to hear about the fish. Pretty tough to know what's going on at this stage. Can you describe the system that the fish are in, volume of the grow beds, fish tank and any information you have on parameters like ammonia, nitrite, water temp and pH?

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