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tilapia and salt
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Author:  Shaunohara11 [ Mar 16th, '18, 16:12 ]
Post subject:  tilapia and salt

i want to set up a small tank and filter as a quarantine for new fish(tilapia). I have been Reading about adding noniodized salt because it it antiparasitic. The amounts of salt are incredible(a tablespoon for every gallon). I would like to hear other ppls experiences of adding salt.
once i incorpórate the fish in the aquaponic cycle of fresh water(with grow bed) do they have trouble changing from salt to fresh wáter?

Author:  dlf_perth [ Mar 18th, '18, 15:04 ]
Post subject:  Re: tilapia and salt

yes levels of 3ppt are pretty high. You easily use kg bags in IBC systems.

3ppt = 3g per litre (3kg per 1000Litres). However in comparison sea water is around 30ppt.
so you are really only 1/10th of sea water at 3ppm (brackish by definition).

there are two ways to do this...

(a) a heavier short term 'bath' that shocks the parasites etc then move to a less saline quarantine tank.
(b) keep the salts elevated in the quarantine tank.

Not really sure how Tilapia go with salt as no local experience with them.
But google says they handle it (see below) and I know released aquarium chilcids are a problem in our brackish stream systems.

For most estuarine and river near ocean fish species short term tolerance is fine as it happens in nature.
eg. when stream water levels get low or following storms etc
Carp for example cope quite well as do species of perch etc

mostly quarantine is OK because the fish are small fingerlings.
so short period, smaller, produce less waste and need less filtration.

some refs: got from a google search of ... 869290253H
plus some others from competitor sites that google will point you to.

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