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tilapia and salt part 2
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Author:  Shaunohara11 [ Mar 17th, '18, 15:41 ]
Post subject:  tilapia and salt part 2

I am new to these pages. I am also new to aquaponics. I live in the canary islands, which has little or no knowledge/culture of aquaponics.There are some university researchers who have a project with the local govt, but they are not very communicative.
Apart from the internet, these pages, very much on my own.
From what I have read, it is a good idea when starting to have a second, smaller fishtank/filter set up for new fish to treat them for worms and parasites if you cannot guarantee your new fish.
The total volume of my "quarantine" is 1200 litres (317 gallons)
I read that 1ppt is appropriate for starting out,
1 lb. of salt for 125 gallons 473 litres means 450 gramms
so about 2.5 lbs of salt for 317 gallons 1200 litres means 1150 grams(approx, underestimate)
I underestimated cos of water loss, which means a higher specific density over time. Salting also helps with nitrite levels(how?)
I live by the sea next to an old salination farm fot non-iodized salt.
I would be grateful for any comments/help/suggestions.

Author:  GurkanYeniceri [ Mar 19th, '18, 05:39 ]
Post subject:  Re: tilapia and salt part 2

For quarantine, I would go 6ppt salt to kill all the parasites. So for 1200L it is 7.2Kg of salt
I am not sure though how long you should keep the tilapia in this tank.

And always keep 1ppt salt in the main system as a tonic to the fishes.

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