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Author:  steve [ Jan 31st, '08, 22:49 ]
Post subject:  Spirulina

Check the links to the right of this page

there is even a manual for the cultivation of spirulina


Author:  Amacafish [ Jan 31st, '08, 22:58 ]
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I've already tried to contact them, they don't seem to exist anymore on the address they give. Or they were changing their website while I was trying to contact them.
P. Jourdan lives in France and has been giving spirulina to people to start selfproduction units.
You are hooked up on this Steve!

Author:  synaptoman [ Feb 1st, '08, 03:58 ]
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pH @ 20°C 10.4 Wow !!

Author:  TCLynx [ Feb 1st, '08, 11:08 ]
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Ok, but what is it?

At this point I'm guessing some sort of algae but so far searching through that web site, it doesn't exactly say.

Author:  Jaymie [ Feb 1st, '08, 12:19 ]
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it is a blue-green algae, that in a microscopic view looks like a green spring. To normal vision it looks like fine green hair.

Here is an actual scientific paper on it, as opposed to all the commercial sites. ... bernal.htm

and some images ... spirulina/

Author:  steem [ Feb 1st, '08, 12:28 ]
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nice one Jaymie :)

Author:  Caribean-grower [ Feb 1st, '08, 12:31 ]
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here a vid with a really interesting looking algae production set-up in the back ground

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try here ;)

Author:  Caribean-grower [ Feb 1st, '08, 12:48 ]
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or you could search for it on u tube.


Author:  steve [ Feb 1st, '08, 15:40 ]
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i really hope they still exist, as i transferred $100 to their account last night!!!!!!!!!

Author:  steve [ Feb 1st, '08, 16:08 ]
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Jaymie, i'm not one to argue (ok, stop laughing now) but I am convinced that it is a bacteria even though everyone keeps calling it an algae.

can someone show me i'm wrong?

Domain: Bacteria
Phylum: Cyanobacteria
Class: Chroobacteria
Order: Oscillatoriales
Family: Phormidiaceae
Genus: Arthrospira

Author:  Amacafish [ Feb 1st, '08, 16:17 ]
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Then it is a bacteria that does photosynthesis like an algae. :wink:

Cyanobacteria are the oldest bacteria type on earth, they have the most evolutive possibilities in their genetic pool, they are capable to use photosynthesis and/or digest organic molecules to extract O² and produce carbon molecules. They can be aerobic and anaerobic.
They are found everywhere on the planet and in all the different environemental conditions that exist and still have nearly the same genetic code between all the locations where they are taken from.

Author:  RupertofOZ [ Feb 1st, '08, 16:20 ]
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Nope... Wiki says the same... ... plement%29

Author:  steve [ Feb 1st, '08, 16:34 ]
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yep, and the are around 3000 million years old and postulated to have created the oxygen crisis where they increased the atmospheres O2 level from .002% when most of the life was anerobic bacteria producing hydrogen and methane to 21% 02 that we enjoy now.

joy, got an email back saying product will be shipped as soon as funds clear, had a real bad feeling about that :)

Author:  Amacafish [ Feb 1st, '08, 16:44 ]
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I've seen it done in plastic bags, gives less washing and more control on each batch.
Have you brought some dried or fresh?
How are you going to fertilise it?
The 'P' word strikes again :wink:

Author:  steve [ Feb 1st, '08, 16:52 ]
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i bought a kg of dry stuff for consumption. i assume it has been freeze dried and thus un able to be "revived" :)

On the fertiliers, one of my PET HATES is when people quote mineral contents of foods.

Vitamins can be produced by a plant from macro nutrients.

Minerals CANNOT. if they are not in the liquid medium then they wont be in the spirulina. It shits me to no end to read documents on even that site that state a fertilier medium of soley NPK + Ca.....................

Rant over, now for the answer. i plan to use my AP water that has had its PH increased with carbonate/bicarbonates. Ideally i'd like to be able to dump water back into my AP and re-fill with fresh nutrient laden ap water, if it is done in small enough quantaties then neither of the systems should suffer.

Hang on? when did i say i was going to grow it? LOL oh well, i guess now i am! :)

Where to get a starter culture?

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