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Signs of Plant Deficiencies and Excesses
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Author:  Jaymie [ Sep 2nd, '06, 04:54 ]
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Organic sources are much preferable adding and recycling iron in your fishes diet and ultimately your system with:

dark green leafy vegetables
dark turkey meat
eggs (free range much better)
organ meats (organic)

Without some iron in your source water these may not be enough but will certainly help.[/quote]

AA, how would you feed the eggs to the system?

Author:  Aquaddict [ Sep 2nd, '06, 05:03 ]
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I can put yolk in (cooked) and bam! It's a feeding frenzy. The common practise is to use eggs as part of the base for home made fish foods. There's info lying around here.

Egg's can coagulate in system. Never overfeed them.

Author:  Jaymie [ Sep 2nd, '06, 05:05 ]
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thanks, that's another thing we shouldn't have to buy in!

Author:  Jaymie [ Sep 2nd, '06, 05:05 ]
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Oh, and when we get some fish to eat (long time yet) the chooks will get the leftovers!
more cycling!

Author:  TheGoodCompany [ Sep 20th, '16, 19:42 ]
Post subject:  Re: Signs of Plant Deficiencies and Excesses

Hey guys I really need help. I have semi-commercial system and all my lettuce plants and celery are not growing and are turning yellow/dying off a little. I'm putting iron but since the older leaves are the ones turning yellow and the younger ones are staying green I don't think it iron. Also other plants in the system like cucumber and mint are doing well with no problems.

The system:

Fish tanks: 5 ibc tanks (5000l)
Mechanical filter 1000l
I clean the mechanical filter once a week.
System in a net house. Also I have a mosquito problem
No bio filter

Ph: 7.0
Ammonia: .25
Nitrite: .25
Nitrate: 80+
Temperatures in Cairo , Egypt : 27-33c water:29c (could this be the problem, too much sun/heat)

I'm feeding 3 times a day 90g of fish feed in every tank.

Any advice will help. Thanks in advance.

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