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Signs of Plant Deficiencies and Excesses
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Author:  Live Beyond [ Aug 4th, '06, 12:41 ]
Post subject:  Signs of Plant Deficiencies and Excesses


Deficiency – Slow growth, poor development, pale and yellow foliage. Roots become white and large system develops.

Excess – Growth becomes very elongated and spindly with long distances between the nodes of stems. Plants have over lush growth which is soft and sappy.


Deficiency – Leaves show a distant purple tint or are very deep green in colour. Mature leaves tend to be bright and other leaves are dark green and growth tends to be stunted. Roots tend to be yellowy brown colour.

Excess – Leaves tend to be bright brown or yellow-brown in colour. The leaves and fruit also develop areas of bright dry spots and leaves a crushed appearance.


Deficiency – Soft stems, young leaves drooping, yellowing and burning of the leaf margin, and older leaves develop a crushed appearance. Roots tend to be yellowy brown colour.

Excess – Foliage becomes dark green, the mature leaves become yellow and the younger leaves bright green. The leaf stalks will become hard and brittle.


Deficiency – The growing points (young leaves and roots) become stunted and die

Excess – Interferes with the uptake of potassium and iron and gives the effect of deficiencies for these elements. It also shows up as interveinal spots mainly in older leaves.


Deficiency – Causes the plant to have a stunted appearance. Leaves go paler and lose their green colour and yellow, starting at the edges and progressing toward the centre of the leaf making it look like a green arrow.

Excess – Leaves become larger then normal, the older leaves being hard and crisp.


Deficiency – Very pale leaf colour. Root system tend to become larger and softer

Excess – Smaller, compact and hardened root system.


Deficiency – Young plants become almost white. With older plants the veins of the leaves start to yellow until the whole leaf becomes yellow and dies. Flower blossom drop can occur. The root system also tends to become a yellowy brown colour.

Excess – Plant growth is slower.


Deficiency – Young plants turn a mottled yellow colour. Older leaves develop bright green between the veins of the leaves and then interveinal spots develop on the leaves and on the fruit, with the leaves becoming cut and ragged.

Excess – Develops bright brown or yellow brown leaves.


Deficiency – The core of the plant develops a cork-like appearance and brown spots. The growth of plant slows down and the main growing points die. The leaves usually become highly coloured and defoliate. Poor pollen formation and fertilization of flowers will occur.

Excess – Leaves have dry margins and cut and ragged edges.


Deficiency – Small leaf growth. The stems of the plant fail to elongate, resulting in the rosetting of the leaves. Interveinal spots also develop on the older leaves.


Deficiency – Shows up at the tips of the younger leaves. It causes dieback and the young shoots to wilt. It appears as irregular growth and scorching of the young plant.

Excess – Chlorosis of the leaves and defoliation. The roots develop a black colour.[U]

Author:  Live Beyond [ Aug 4th, '06, 12:51 ]
Post subject: 

Photos of deficiencies

Author:  monya [ Aug 4th, '06, 14:04 ]
Post subject: 

Boy LB, you have been doing some reading! Great stuff!

Author:  aquamad [ Aug 4th, '06, 17:17 ]
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more great stuff there LB... thanks a stck :D

Author:  steve [ Aug 4th, '06, 17:31 ]
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good one. will be useful as pepoles systems start pumping out veggies :)

Author:  GotFish? [ Aug 5th, '06, 00:39 ]
Post subject: 

Will have to print and save for posting in the green house. Thanks L.B.

Author:  matt trevatt [ Aug 6th, '06, 18:52 ]
Post subject: 

How many of you guys have experineced these problems and how did you get around it? I had read up on what rocks had certain minerals and I was planning to get a variety of rock dust and incorparate it into my system probably in a sand style filter arrangment. Certainly I was going to incorparte limestone rocks.

Author:  steve [ Aug 6th, '06, 19:58 ]
Post subject: 

Matt i was going to incorporate some 'mineral' rocks, but if you have read up on which specific rocks are high in specific minerals, could you post a summary and/or link?

Thanks heaps


Author:  Live Beyond [ Aug 7th, '06, 14:49 ]
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What amounts of chelated iron do you use for every 100 L of water?


Author:  johnnie7au [ Aug 7th, '06, 15:58 ]
Post subject: 

Small amounts of wood ash can provide some of the micro nutrients to a system.

Author:  steve [ Aug 7th, '06, 17:12 ]
Post subject: 

make sure its not treated wood that you burned for the ash! :shock:

I say this becasue i know the composition of my fire remnants :) lol

Author:  monya [ Aug 7th, '06, 17:56 ]
Post subject: 

I don't reckon I would be using any ash from your fire pit steve! :lol:

Author:  steve [ Aug 7th, '06, 18:07 ]
Post subject: 

nah, me either :oops:

Had a fire at a mate place saturday night, burnt almost a cubic meter of

He was soooooo drunk, that i picked up the nice log climbing ladder to the kids cubby house and said "can i burn this" he said yes!!!!!!!!

The fog cleared from his eyes just before it went on "HEY! thats from the cubby!!!" Damn, so close......... :twisted:

Author:  aquamad [ Aug 7th, '06, 18:47 ]
Post subject: 

LOL :lol:
Gotta be quicker that that steve... maybe next time ! ;)

Author:  Live Beyond [ Aug 13th, '06, 11:51 ]
Post subject:  Re: Signs of Plant Deficiencies and Excesses

What amounts of chelated iron do you use for every 100 L of water?


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