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Is too much nutrient an issue?
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Author:  Bedlore [ Jul 30th, '18, 09:24 ]
Post subject:  Is too much nutrient an issue?

This winter I've heavily stocked my system with rainbow trout, I have around 120 in my 10,000L system
Everything seems to be ticking along pretty well. I have a Bluelab Nutrient wand and its now off the chart and higher than its capable of reading.
I feed the fish quality pellets twice a day, basically feeding as much as they'll eat to fatten them up for the early summer harvest.

Is this a problem in the making in any way?

Author:  Terra [ Jul 30th, '18, 13:23 ]
Post subject:  Re: Is too much nutrient an issue?

High nitrate can / does grow nice sappy foliage which will attract every aphid ect within sniffing distance of your system .

High nitrate can knock seedlings around

Too much of any nutrient will trigger deficiencies in something else

Answer too your question is yes to varying degrees

Ive got a mass of peas in my growbeds at the moment in Sth Australia seems like the best option to me that will keep giving over a few weeks .

Be nice to be able to store some of this water for later on

Maybe look at a few partial water changes so you can keep pouring the feed into your trout.

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