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What are you fellow South Ozzies planting out
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Author:  Tonzz [ Mar 16th, '19, 17:59 ]
Post subject:  What are you fellow South Ozzies planting out

What are you fellow South Ozzies planting out, maybe Iam too late, too many other projects on the go.

But just checked my fish tank water...(of course when does this happen...10 minutes before visitors arrive... :-x . :( first time in couple of weeks....shoit everything way over the top of acceptable levels and 2 dead goldies. damn, dump load of water, replenish and realised how little was still actively growing.

Most were summer crops coming to end of their season. Flogged caulli, cabbage & sprouts from wifes wicking bed and tomorrow some garlic & leeks will also make the journey.

But what else can I grow under shadecloth.

Author:  Graf [ Mar 21st, '19, 09:11 ]
Post subject:  Re: What are you fellow South Ozzies planting out

I've just started seeds of kale, cauli, broccoli, parsley, fennel, coriander, brussel sprouts and spring onions. some to go into wicking beds and most to go into AP.

The AP system is just finishing up with some cabbage, end of season toms and basil, with no fish nutrient levels are poor, being a system that is just coming up to its first anniversary.

Trout will be going back in this weekend, will put in 2doz or so this season, up from the dozen last season, that will power the system up again!

Author:  Terra [ Mar 22nd, '19, 07:06 ]
Post subject:  Re: What are you fellow South Ozzies planting out

Ive planted seeds (most up now) Broccoli , Mustard spinach (new for me) , Red oakleaf lettuce (more heat tolerant) Silverbeet (mostly greens for chooks)

Just filled a bed with Cauliflower

Have a bed full of broccoli just about ready to head

Cucamelons (Mexican Gherkins) I didn't find the seeds until too late but planted a few and got them up and on a trellis , just wanted to see if they will grow , to try next spring.

At the same time I found the seeds (lost in shed) I found Kang Kong so have a few of them in , you can almost see them growing , certainly grow a bed of them next summer.

Second planting of Suyo cucumbers fruiting now , first crop still pumping them out , these will come out in the next few days clean up and "De Slug" the bed

These Suyo's have been a real winner , no mildew (Apple Cucs suffered bad right alongside)

Give most of them away

Did have a run of green caterpillars on them but no other trouble

I will stuff climbing pea seeds straight in the gravel on the trellises (Masseys and Telephone peas on different trellises)

Greanfeast Peas did well for me last year but turned into a jungle mess , need to trellis peas up so I can plant other crops as well underneath

At this stage I think the most reliable plants for my area through autumn / winter will be the Brassicas , Peas , Silver beet and lettuce.

Just about the most important part of AP is plant management so you've always got something producing ive had periods of feast and famine and its frustrating.

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