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Author:  earthbound [ Jun 3rd, '07, 18:09 ]
Post subject:  Tanks Available

I now have a range of tanks available for anyone who may be interested. Presently only available in Western Australia, hopefully they will soon be available Australia wide.

Sorry to those overseas.... :?

They are made from food safe, UV stabilized, HDPE plastic, the same material used in rainwater tank. They are available in a range of standard poly tank colours, though at the moment I have beige in stock, other colours may take a couple of weeks to manufacture.

Please contact us for pricing details on (08) 9414 9334 or via email,

File comment: 500L tank - $260
IMG_2229 (Medium).jpg
IMG_2229 (Medium).jpg [ 40.78 KiB | Viewed 17017 times ]
File comment: 1000L tank - $350
IMG_2227 (Medium).jpg
IMG_2227 (Medium).jpg [ 57.45 KiB | Viewed 16925 times ]
File comment: 3000L tank - $750
IMG_2173 (Medium).jpg
IMG_2173 (Medium).jpg [ 45.38 KiB | Viewed 17014 times ]

Author:  veggie boy [ Jun 3rd, '07, 18:11 ]
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Nice tanks Joel. Will be great if you can make them available in other states somehow.

Author:  savage_goldfish [ Jun 3rd, '07, 18:14 ]
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Very nice EB, I'm sure they'll be very popular. :D

Author:  bio-farmer [ Jun 3rd, '07, 19:11 ]
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very nice looking tanks eb,

if i had the cash i'de be all over them.

i'm sure there will be much interest in them.

nice work mate.

Author:  RupertofOZ [ Jun 3rd, '07, 19:16 ]
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Do they stack for transport EB???? What do they weigh??

Author:  earthbound [ Jun 3rd, '07, 19:19 ]
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Which ones Rup?

I'll have to try weighing them.

They all stack but the 3000L ones would probably be a little difficult to transport large distances as they are huge.

Author:  bundaberg kid [ Jun 3rd, '07, 19:56 ]
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earthbound wrote:
Which ones Rup?

I'll have to try weighing them.

They all stack but the 3000L ones would probably be a little difficult to transport large distances as they are huge.

lmao just pictured u EB balancing a tank over ya head whilst tryn to stand on a set of bathroom scales

Author:  creative1 [ Jun 3rd, '07, 20:00 ]
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Author:  TimC [ Jun 3rd, '07, 20:30 ]
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After seeing the system you setup, a set of those would be brilliant.... of course as soon as the area I have in mind is ready. I am particularly interested in those grow beds.

I have started my list...

You have done a great job in organizing and making these tanks available. You just need to stockpile PVC pipes and fittings, seeds and grow media and you'll be the 'one stop aquaponic shop'. Good work....

Author:  earthbound [ Jun 3rd, '07, 20:37 ]
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Getting there Tim, closer than you might think.

Just ordered about 800 PVC fittings and over 200m of pipe tonight... :)

Author:  RupertofOZ [ Jun 3rd, '07, 20:56 ]
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Better go and have a word with your local cop shop EB.... that's exactly the kind of thing the keep an eye out for ..... LOL

Author:  TimC [ Jun 3rd, '07, 21:00 ]
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Getting there Tim, closer than you might think.

Hmm... spooky.

On a related note, can you divulge your Hydroton supplier or a price you could supply it for? I assume you have a source seeing as though that trailer load you had would have set you back a pretty penny buying retail...

I have quit trying to get dad to make some...

Author:  aquamad [ Jun 3rd, '07, 21:15 ]
Post subject: 

Great looking tanks - woul not mind some of the BIG ones myself :)

Author:  RupertofOZ [ Jun 3rd, '07, 21:32 ]
Post subject: 

Hey EB... just noticed the "new" banner... how longs it been there ... LOL

P.S .... who's "the team" :wink:

Author:  earthbound [ Jun 3rd, '07, 21:34 ]
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About 2 minutes.... :)

Everyone who helps... :wink:

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