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Author:  earthbound [ Apr 14th, '11, 16:58 ]
Post subject:  Aquaponic developments

Figured I might put something here even though it's not actually finished and ready as yet..

We started a website quite a while back with the idea of making it a bit of a news and events place where developments in AP can be posted up. I got my main man Leo to start doing regular updates quite a few months back and he's been plodding along updating the site adding information on a regular bases for months now.

I've been letting things down a little on my end because I haven;t finished the site off, the layout, the logo, and extra plugins are seriously lacking at the moment. But, Leo has been doing such good work in some areas I wanted to stick a post up here about it, the events section is very up to date so if you are looking for aquaponics workshops around the world this is the place to find all the info..

I'd like to keep it a lot more up to date with events and AP occurrences on tv and other media ultimately.. Hopefully we will be able to get the site finished, make it nice and snazzy looking in the not too distant future . I really need to get someone else onto the site as well finding content to add.. Still, go and check it out and if anyone has suggestions let me know... And I promise one day we will finish the site and keep all areas up to date with more input.

Author:  ColinW [ Apr 14th, '11, 18:30 ]
Post subject:  Re: Aquaponic developments

Well done!!! What a great Aquaponics resource... all available from the one website.
Great to see ALL Aquaponics devotees promoted.
Thanks Joel and Leo

Author:  Outbackozzie [ Apr 14th, '11, 19:02 ]
Post subject:  Re: Aquaponic developments

Nice site Joel

Author:  earthbound [ Jun 7th, '13, 15:33 ]
Post subject:  Re: Aquaponic developments

A little reminder for anyone looking for any form of aquaponic training... Visit here and click on "events"...

This has aquaponic courses and training all around the world, we pay someone to surf the net and find all trainings available, then update the website constantly with new courses he finds.

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