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PostPosted: Apr 26th, '17, 20:47 

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Howdy folks!
Always loved AP in theory and had a few dodgy setups over the years.
Got one now, and building another better one soon.

Big passion for self-reliance, but lack of time, dodgy unreliable electric has been a limiter, along with basic poverty.

Got a bit of a plant collecting addiction, and now that I have been doing a bit of study I am really trying to collect all the water critters too now.

I am desperately keen on getting all of the types of Daphnia, Moina, Copepods, Freshwater Rotifers, Triops, Fairy shrimps, Ostracods, Gammarus, or any other cool critters along those lines I can get my hands on.

Happy to travel up to 5hrs even on a "maybe" if you remember a river/creak/dam/pond/drainage ditch or even a puddle that had any of the above at any time thought history, as long it is within 5hrs of Gin Gin QLD and I won't get arrested dipping my plankton net.

Even better, if you are anywhere in OZ and have any of the following I would love to buy a few off you!
Willing to pay you for the hassle, plus postage(just a soft drink bottle in a $15<3kg express post sachet is ideal), or like I say, I can drive 5hrs in any direction of Gin Gin QLD Australia and pick up in person if you prefer.

I can pay with $ in the mail/in person, bank deposit, PayPal(preferred), Cryptocurrency(Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dash, Dogecoin) or seeds or maybe plants/cuttings from my collection, or even store credit in my fancy seed website if you prefer.
Whatever is easiest for you is cool by me. 8)

I currently grow a few Spangled perch(Leiopotherapon unicolor) for me and the Mrs to eat, and we feed the fry unidentified Ostracods, Moina, Daphnia, and the medium and adults fish worms, Boiled+fresh eggs, Mealworms, BSF, Gents, Glass shrimps, yabbies, and both live and dried water plants like Wolffia, Azolla, and Lemna species, veggie scraps or whatever else I can rustle up.
They also have solar night lights to attract the moths which is a massive and free chunk of their diet.

My current set up is more "pond" than "AP", with minimal pumping(4x a day) and low stocking rates in a few chop and flip IBC's.
But eh, does the job, works pretty well for us.

If you have any water critters or wanna chat hit me up, contact me here, or or even better just email

Nice to meet you all, looking forward to lurking and looking at all the cool setups!
Be sure to have a rocking day folks!!!

P.S. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE let me know if you have or know where to get some cool easy to grow water critters.....

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