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Another hello from Darwin, Australia
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Author:  Kevin_G [ Jun 12th, '19, 10:50 ]
Post subject:  Another hello from Darwin, Australia

Hello All,

Just starting out, IBC as a DWC setup.
Is there a way to filter users by location? So i can try and find local people. Would be great to purchase items interstate and lower costs than buy local.

Needing Barra and feed for the system now.

Local prices I have found so far are $4.50 per Barra fingerling and $22 per kilo of feed.


Author:  Mr Damage [ Jun 13th, '19, 00:10 ]
Post subject:  Re: Another hello from Darwin, Australia

Have you tried Dave out at Aquagreen?

$4.50 is about average for Barra fingerlings here in Perth, and it's not because there a shortage of supply, they are bred down here and are readily available, it's just the going price.

Also, what is going to provide the bio-filtration in your DWC set-up?

Author:  Kevin_G [ Jun 13th, '19, 14:53 ]
Post subject:  Re: Another hello from Darwin, Australia

I have setup a 800L IBC as a filter. F/T pipe is PVC running along the bottom of one end of the tank with holes drilled in to the pipe. The outlet to the beds is at the top of the other end. I will have a net hanging around the outlet with 500 bio balls in it, in the net will also be an aerator or 2.

There is almost no force from the water coming out of the inlet. I was thinking this would be 'ok' to start with. If i get much waste making through to the beds i'll throw onion bags or sacks of some sort in to help capture the waste.


Author:  danny [ Jun 13th, '19, 20:16 ]
Post subject:  Re: Another hello from Darwin, Australia

Is this after a solids filter? You need to make sure the water flows through all the bio-media, without taking "short cuts", and the media needs to stay clear of accumulated solids. Then, if the surface area provided is sufficient for the feeding rate, it should be fine.

Having said that, plant roots provide surface area, really big systems with really good solids removal don't always need specific bio-filtrations units. But I doubt that would be feasible in a backyard system.

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