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Fish Ceviche
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Author:  Argus [ Mar 3rd, '09, 06:52 ]
Post subject:  Fish Ceviche

In Costa Rica, a local favorite is Ceviche, I make a batch every weekend with Marlin and I always change it up a bit. Sometimes I'll add shrimps Lobster bits etc. I had it once with Talapia in a restauraunt. The texture and flavour of the fish was good but I'd prefer to season it to my liking.

Heres a basic recipie

1/2 Kilo Fresh clean fish,Marlin, shrimps Talapia etc
About 7-8 big juicy, acidy limes
1/2 sweet orange
Bunch of Cilantro
1 sweet pepper
1 hot pepper
1 medium onion
Salt & Pepper

Chop the fish into small bits 1cm X 1cm
Chop onion, peppers, cilantro fine

Put them in a big plastic or glass bowl, squish enough Lime to cover everything (I add more because I like the juice!) Add salt to taste, a tsp or two then more as you like. I add more salt cause I like the Acid/salt flavour but others prefer more sweet. Half tsp pepper or more if you like.

Cover it. Let all this sit in the fridge for about three hours. The acid in the lime juice is what cooks it or Pickles it so I normally add the sweet juice (orange) after it's "cooked" I've seen people use an ounce or two of 7-UP

My wife like bits of Mango in it for some "sweet" I like adding juice from Acidy Passion fruit (not the sweet one)

Mix it upI say it's like my smoked fish: even when it's bad it's still good with a cold beer (or three :drunken: )!!! Speaking of which, I have to go smoke the Tuna!!!

Looking forward to having all the ingredients growing on my property!!!, Dan

Author:  BatonRouge Bill [ Mar 6th, '09, 09:22 ]
Post subject:  Re: Fish Ceviche

Sounds delicious! being a coonass and having a reputation of eating anything that moves, I just can't eat raw fish yet. I bet I could put it in a wok and knock the edge off it though, then eat it! :)

Author:  Argus [ Mar 6th, '09, 11:23 ]
Post subject:  Re: Fish Ceviche

It is cooked. Same thing as pickling. The acid in the lime juice cooks it, it's not raw! Some people prefer it after it sits for only a couple hours (depending on the size of the fish chunks) so it's still raw in the middle. I prefer mine the after 3-4 hrs or the next day when the fish is all firm, and then I finish it the following day. If there's any left!


Author:  tamo42 [ Mar 6th, '09, 12:28 ]
Post subject:  Re: Fish Ceviche

As far as raw fish goes (I love sushi), I've read that there are no real guidelines as far as sushi-grade fish. What the FDA recommends though is a piece of fish being frozen for a week, and then thawed in the refrigerator. The hard freeze kills any bacteria both metabolically and with cell membranes being punctured by ice crystals. The cold-thaw prevents new pathogens from getting in the meat.

Author:  faye [ Aug 12th, '12, 20:26 ]
Post subject:  Re: Fish Ceviche

This thread needs to be revivied. We recently had a sons friend prepare this for us and it is to die for, almost as good as whole deep fried fish.
Honestly it is worth trying, put it on your list of things that you must do :headbang:

Author:  bryjjk [ Aug 13th, '12, 08:12 ]
Post subject:  Re: Fish Ceviche

Thanks Argus,
This certainly sounds nice, will be giving this one a go for sure, thanks.
(thanks Faye foe reviving this as well )

Author:  chillidude [ Aug 13th, '12, 10:28 ]
Post subject:  Re: Fish Ceviche

Absolutely - we make it quite regularly (the kids love it), to a similar recipe to that in the original post.

The fish is essentially cooked as the acid 'cures' the meat in such a way that it denatures the proteins in a similar way to what heat does. The end result is cooked but not using heat.

Author:  bryjjk [ Aug 14th, '12, 07:54 ]
Post subject:  Re: Fish Ceviche

Fancy that, a lovely fresh fish meal and saving energy as well.
Can't get any better than that !!

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