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Big Samson
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Author:  mudeye [ Jul 14th, '15, 19:35 ]
Post subject:  Big Samson

deep dropping with electric's for teraki a few weeks ago off Beachport SA when this Samson decided to join us... never eaten it before. so decided to take it, cleaned, filleted, freshly cooked, NOT GOOD, terrible aftertaste, wont be bringing anymore in. magnificent fighting fish, shame to have killed it

samson beachport.jpg
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Author:  Slowboat [ Jul 14th, '15, 21:10 ]
Post subject:  Re: Big Samson

how many of those can you have in your AP system LOL.

Seriously, I have caught similar sized sambos over here in the West and cooked fresh it was ok.
Not spectacular but quite good eating.

Author:  mudeye [ Jul 15th, '15, 16:44 ]
Post subject:  Re: Big Samson

geez they go hard eh slowboat.. shame we got it on the electric.
the first few mouth fulls were great, loved it, then got this "soapy taste" or something like that, and then kept getting it, maybe the cook split detergent on it and didn't tell me, (wouldn't surprise me) he wasn't standing all that vertical when he cooked it... we deep fried it, maybe that did the damage..don't know, might try it again...

Author:  gtkmarine [ Jul 19th, '15, 18:09 ]
Post subject:  Re: Big Samson

Yes, Grate fighting fish Mudeye
They can be a pest in some fishing spots taking the baits on the way down to the bottom, where the target species are.
Generally the smaller ones taste better. Try smoking or turn them into fish patties.
I have made my own fish food out of them. By blending together there flesh, prawn heads, vegetables mixed with gelatine & are set in trays. Then cut into blocks & frozen for storage.

Ill look in the future to refine this by changing the recipe & improving the method by using a mincer/sausage maker to make a pellet mix. But as you can see in the video the silver perch do enjoy the mix.
There's a few recipes on this site for making the fish food.
:wave: GTK

Author:  oceanarium [ Jul 29th, '16, 15:05 ]
Post subject:  Re: Big Samson

When your filleting them sometimes you pop a gland or duct (something of the like) that releases what looks like bile yellow or green slime. It is right near the fishes anus..... That is what ruins the fillet on sambo's, you get that real horrible after taste. It makes me want to retch just thinking about it.

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