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Author:  Titus [ Apr 6th, '17, 03:54 ]
Post subject:  Carbouys

I bought some purple sprouting broccoli plants in the local ironmongers. (They often sell plants here) £2 a dozen.
Ten went into the AP system, in the tubes. My wife wanted two for the dirt garden.
Of course life is never quite that simple. Where she wanted them meant moving loads of other stuff. Amongst these items was a carbouy.
That is an atractive round glass bottle about 40cm in diameter.
All the rage a few years ago, planted with coloured sand and cactus.
The cactus died and it had languished in a forgotten corner of the garden.
I remember another use for a carbouy.
Forty years ago when we had a restaurant in southern Spain the Flambé trolley was a great hit. Warmed alcohol was ignited for various dishes. Steaks and crepe suzettes. At the time Spanish brandy was about 300 pesetas a bottle.( 1L)
In a forty litre carbouy I paid 18 Pts/L
When Spain joined the EU one euro was worth 166 pts.
Yes I did taste it and yes it was like firewater. The glow it lit up on the customers faces was priceless.
What to do with this carbouy?
My idea is to fill bottom with clay pebbles and then plant cactus again.
Any better ideas?

Author:  Brianrwa [ Apr 6th, '17, 20:52 ]
Post subject:  Re: Carbouys


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