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Science Technician Conference 2011
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Author:  faye [ Dec 9th, '11, 13:28 ]
Post subject:  Science Technician Conference 2011

Today we have a bus load of teachers coming to visit and the chairs are set up ready. The weather is looking delightful for the garden setting talk.
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Well it is that time again when the science teachers get together to have a look around the place and see whats new that might be able to fit their program. This visit we actually had a couple of teachers that already have a system at their school and others that had heard of aquaponics.
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After an intital coverage of history, basics and a few questions the teachers wandered around asking questions and looking at the different fish and system options that were available.
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As they arrived early there was a little time left over to show them what else we do so they were introduced to the assorted varieties of chickens, quails, rabbits and the new permaculture vegetable garden.
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They all received take home packs of notes including 6 issues of the magazine all of which I do not think they were expecting. The teachers came from as far away as Manjimup :)
Comments include - and this is straight from the visitors book :lol:
Great ideas, thanks! Really interesting! Really good, I want one! Informative! Inspirational! I hope to learn more !Great info! Learnt quite a lot! Great ideas, thanks! And this one - as I said, straight from the book, no lies " Loved Faye's enthusiasm." :D :D :D

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