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Blue Barrel propagator
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Author:  Steve S [ Oct 26th, '07, 09:04 ]
Post subject:  Blue Barrel propagator

Found another use for a Blue Barrel

Propag_Unit 01 r-copy.jpg
Propag_Unit 01 r-copy.jpg [ 88.23 KiB | Viewed 10700 times ]
Propag_Unit 02 copy.jpg
Propag_Unit 02 copy.jpg [ 92.13 KiB | Viewed 10702 times ]
Propag_Unit 03 copy.jpg
Propag_Unit 03 copy.jpg [ 106.57 KiB | Viewed 10699 times ]

Author:  Jaymie [ Oct 26th, '07, 09:12 ]
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very nice

Author:  veggie boy [ Oct 26th, '07, 09:21 ]
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Author:  Caribean-grower [ Oct 26th, '07, 10:17 ]
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wow thats nice. Do you have to open it to let out some air?

Author:  b2barker [ Oct 26th, '07, 11:11 ]
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Caribean-grower wrote:
wow thats nice. Do you have to open it to let out some air?

Seems to have vent on the end.

Next I want to see one converted to compost tumbler :)

Author:  RupertofOZ [ Oct 26th, '07, 11:12 ]
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He's vented one end CG.... and I guess you could unscrew the white bung for extra air if needed.....

Clever use of the "Smart Valve" there SS..... just the application for it I reckon, and from memory they're only about $30 each...

Author:  earthbound [ Oct 26th, '07, 18:36 ]
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I think we could start up a "101 uses for blue barrels" thread.. Nice work SS..

Author:  veggie boy [ Oct 26th, '07, 19:50 ]
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I think we could start up a "101 uses for blue barrels" thread.. Nice work SS..

1. Oversized autosiphon :lol:

Author:  GotFish? [ Oct 26th, '07, 20:17 ]
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Wish I had a fish tank the size to use it.
Nice work on the sprouter!

Author:  janethesselberth [ Oct 26th, '07, 20:30 ]
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Very neat work!

Author:  Delgrade [ Oct 26th, '07, 21:16 ]
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compost tumbler huh ... hmmmmmmm

Great stuff steve

Author:  bundaberg kid [ Oct 28th, '07, 11:25 ]
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hey did you bend the cover so nicely?

Author:  Steve S [ Oct 28th, '07, 17:30 ]
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bundaberg kid wrote:
hey did you bend the cover so nicely?

not that difficult, it"s a polycarbonate sheet, about $26 per m at B.

"compost tumbler huh ... hmmmmmmm ",

wouldn't be that difficult but I have no need for it, got plenty compost bins.

Propag_Unit 04 r-copy.jpg
Propag_Unit 04 r-copy.jpg [ 93.81 KiB | Viewed 10565 times ]

Author:  Delgrade [ Oct 28th, '07, 20:13 ]
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you might not but i do need one
i reccon my engineering skills are up to it too

bummer tony offered me a barrel today and i knocked him back what an ass am i


Author:  Steve S [ Oct 29th, '07, 16:31 ]
Post subject:  Re: Blue Barrel propagator

Should be pretty easy.

If cutting out the the door and using the cutout for he door itself,
make the cut where the hinges will be and screw the hinges i position
with selftappers before before cutting the other three sides,
then replace the selftappers with proper bolts. Will make it easier.

For a stand, two elevated sleepers to roll it on.
Don't forget some stoppers at each end to prevent it falling off.

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