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PostPosted: Apr 21st, '18, 20:17 
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Hi all, sorry for the long post but I need to provide context to get good advice.

I'm doing some upgrades on my system. My total system will have a 1KL and a 2KL fish tank and now I've added a 5KL DWC (6.5m x 1.9m x .4). To date I've been running a Hailea ACO-318 60L/min air compressor, it's been super reliable for years but now I need to add another pump and/or upsize.

I was told by someone that the DWC needs 10L/pm per M2 for healthy roots, if thats correct then just my DWC alone needs about 120L/pm before I add in FT needs.

I have what I think is a professional grade air-hose micro'ish bubbler that was circular for FTs, I straightened it out and it came to around 5m so I thought I could use that in the DWC with some stone additions in the corners. I did a test run on it using my Hailea ACO-318 and it barely was able to push air through it at any rate, if I lifted the hose to just below the surface it got some better results so pressure seems a major factor. I hooked up the air-hose to my shed compressor and it fired away very well, I turned the pressure down to 0.10Mpa and it still bubbled well. So I'm confused a bit, wasn't sure if it needed air volume or pressure more since I didn't have a way of regulating the flow volume.

Anyhoo, like everyone else no doubt I try to reduce my electricity usage as best I can so I don't want to buy a pump beyond what I need. I was considering this 150L/m pump Hailea LAP-120, it draws 125W but at least delivers a pressure >0.045Mpa.

I also started to wonder if I should switch to a 12v DC pump, while the power requirements seems to be the same they appear to deliver a lot more pressure, eg. this Hailea ACO-007 delivers a whopping >0.10Mpa pressure.
Another upside of DC might be that building a backup system would eliminate the need of a ac to dc convertor.

Anyone have knowledge or experience with air pumps please speak up.

What do I need here?

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PostPosted: Apr 22nd, '18, 06:06 
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In my experience the Hailea DC, and cheaper copies of them are fine to start with, but the brushes wear out pretty quickly, and finding replacements can be difficult. So IMO they are great for a back-up pump, but not for long term use. I find them great for live fish transport too, running on the car's battery.

Greater air pressure delivery means it will operate at greater depth, if that is important to you. I run my air discs in the top 1/3 tp 1/2 of the water. Operating at lower pressure means the diaphragms are not so stressed, and are likely to last longer.,

Don't use your shed compressor if you have fish, small traces of oil in the compressor lead to CO production.

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