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PostPosted: Aug 4th, '18, 07:35 
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Old Prospector wrote:
cookie wrote:
ok so in my response... your filter arrangement should be and anaerobic filter like a RFF before flowing into an aerobic filter after.. both filter should be sized atleast 1/3 to 1 times the total volume of your combined volume of fish tank... if u got space to increase trying increasing anaerobic filter which will allow for longer retention time and better settling of solids.. the anaerobic filter is never to be clean.. it technically cleans itself over time when the solids breaks down and when other floats up to the surface and flows into the aerobic filter.. thr aerobic filter can and should be cleaned for most 1 to 2 times per month... with bigger filter u may not even need to clean them.. because it gives the micro organism time to fully digest the waste.. Also to note grow area should never be factor in as filter because if these same processes are happening within the grow beds.. they rub the plants of dissolved O2 and also overtime clog your grow bed if using media.. now for water flowrates .. Idealy u want a pump that can drain your entire fish tank volume in 1hr to 1.5 hr.. and adequate Aeration..thats it really.. drum filters and external mineralization and all those expenses complicated stuff aren't really needed.. this is all u need for equipment wise.. plain and simple.

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There is a saying from years ago "You can't put 100 kg of Horse Shit in a 50 kg sack" seems that what Will is trying to do in this project.

There are 3 basic processes to building anything of this size.

1. Structual design: If Will has already bought the GH, he is going to be probably very disappointed that the system design he wants won't exactly fit inside, as to what he thinks it should. I'm pleased to help Will were I can, but when I ask a question, I expect a answer. Leave the "FLUFF" out of that answer, such as referring to a German bunker from WW-11.

2. Mechanical design: This is what runs the entire system, and all the plumbing to make the system flow as expected. So far he's only has mentioned that he can get a pump rated at 5,000 l/hr drawing 1,000 watts to run everything, and he wants to pump up to head of 3.8 m's. Even I know that is impossible.

3. Electrical design: For this size project Will is probably going to have to put in at least 2PH, and maybe even 3PH electrical distribution system.

As for all of you that think that he needs more than what he can find here for his system. Remember that all the other's that you speak of, started off in the same place. Murray was with Gary in the early days of APN, just to mention one. the other commercial projects did the same.

So Will and any others, I'm going to post on the other Topic ""start a new family project in Thailand". Comr on by and see what I have to offer Will. This is the topic that has all of his drawings on, so it will be easier for you to see what I'm showing him.

See Ya

Looks like the Moderators got your username squared away so you can post. It's been awhile buddy, welcome back!!

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PostPosted: Oct 8th, '18, 14:10 
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I must admit that I have been a bit too short with my patience.

Lots of replies came up and all my plans have been changed drastically regarding the info and tips I have go so far.

With my Idea I was way off all rules like density, stocking rate, feeding ratio and also the plumbing was more or less a bit too narrow thought..

Cheers for all comments and my apologies again..

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