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David’s System

David wanted a site consultation before his system was installed. We make sure that there was suitable access to get the components in to the backyard, checked aspect for sun and any potential issues such as large trees and falling leaves,nuts and flowers and provide a site plan showing the customer how the system will fit in to their allocated area.

This photo shows shade against the house during winter but improves as the day goes on and as the warmer season approaches so this won’t be a problem.

After the initial consultation a design was drawn up for the system, it would be an entertainer with an upgraded tank, from 1000L to 1500L.


Davis prepared the area before we came by removing the turf and laying down some clean sand over the area.

Great care is taken to ensure the beds are level and lined up correctly, as the sand was a bit soft under the legs, bricks were used to ensure no subsidence.

The system is almost finished.

Last little top up of water in the fish tank while checking the water levels in the growbeds to make sure they are filling at the required rates.

All finished. David’s going to add some mulch under the beds and around the area to neaten it up and suppress any weeds.