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Max and Carol’s System

Max and Carol had a simple request, they had almost finished building their greenhouse and they wanted as many beds as they could fit within the area for maximum production. The plan was worked out before hand using 3D sketchup models.

Two bed entertainer systems were going to fit beautifully within the area of their greenhouse and with the 1000L tanks under opposite beds there was more than enough room to get around the systems to access  everything.

Max and Carol lived a few hours away from town and because there were so many systems going in, the install team needed two vehicles, and they were going to be away over night.

Max had done an amazing job of preparing the site before hand.


He’s decided against getting a concrete floor poured and decided instead to have a compacted dirt floor. He’d laid down slabs before hand for the legs of the stands to be positioned, and he’d put string lines in to ensure that the beds all lined up correctly.

With such a well set up site, the install was very quick and efficient. Pipework was kept to a minimum, and any controls were kept in the same location to make operation as simple as possible.

Notice the two taps just before the growbeds? You can access the taps from both systems just by turning around. You might also notice that the taps are turned inwards out of the way so that they aren’t knocked during planting or harvesting. They are also recessed in the cutaway corner of the growbeds, once again, so they are out of the way.

The systems are installed and ready to turn on and check for any adjustments that may be required.

Systems on and running, just checking the flow and flood levels to see if any tap adjustments are required.