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ibarrel aquaponic system 2

Once you have your cutting line complete, use a drill to make a hole for the jigsaw blade. Be sure to use a drill bit that’s big enough for the jigsaw blade, but not overly large, if you use a very large bit, you’ll end up with with a dip in the top edge of your growbed.

Now start cutting your growbed off the top with a jigsaw. You could use other tools, I’ve seen people use small circular saws, sabre saws and grinders, but for us, the jigsaw is great. Carefully cut around, trying to keep your line as straight as possible, remembering that this will be the top edge of your growbed. Be sure to wear the appropriate protective equipment when using power tools, safety glasses, gloves and steel caps, along with hearing protection.

Once the barrel is completely in half you might want to give it a better clean out, depending on what has been in your barrel in the past. It’s also a good idea now to de-bur the freshly cut edges by scraping around the edges with a piece of metal. The back edge of a bread and butter knife will do nicely for this, we had a pipe de-buring tool made for the purpose.