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School Systems

AP Systems are a great tool for children to learn many things, from chemistry and biology, through to physics and cooking. In a world where we are becoming more disenfranchised from our surroundings and our food sources, it’s important for children to get this education.

Here’s a example of a brilliant school system at Westfield primary school here in Western Australia. Mike Burns is a teacher at Westfield who has been helpful in getting the system up and running. It can often take an enthusiastic teacher who is willing to give things a go, to push the boundaries. An aquaponic system can take some time to manage when children are involved, you need to keep things on track. A school environment can have some added difficulties when it comes to aquaponics.

Firstly there’s school holidays that need to be considered, someone will have to look after the fish while all the teachers are away. Secondly there can often be school regulations imposed by government organisations. However there’s no doubt that extending that little bit of extra effort to provide your students with an aquaponic system is well worth it.

You can see below the posters that students have drawn up at Westfield Primary school.

We’re still working on this page, 2013.