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I wanted to thank all of you for your support
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Author:  YasirIRAQ [ Jun 8th, '21, 00:46 ]
Post subject:  I wanted to thank all of you for your support

Hello my dear friends. :flower:

I was learning so many things from you all back on the day when I started Aquaponics in 2018, know I have reached a good milestone and I have designed and build few farms and system and there are some photos in my social media links, please visit and see my latest works with both commercial and high-end systems

However :upset: , I have real commercial & legal (real) obstacles that are straining me from advancing even further and I would like to take your opinion addressing those issue

First: for those of you who lived in the state of Qatar before you will know that the rules here favored the locals in a crazy way, as a foreigner I am not allowed to obtain or set up my company without finding a local guy and he must take 51% of the company shares minimum (even if he do not pay capital money) and the locals will not be eligible to have any duties in the company (sleeping partners) and moreover all taxes, fees, and fines are deducted from the foreigner shares only, with all that said I still not able to find any good locals yet where few just tock my Aquaponics idea and ignored me completely after that and went doing it alone, and some even pretended to be partners just try to collect information and knowledge and when it comes to signing legal papers they always create problems. that is a major major issue I am facing.

Second: I have tried to contact the local government Business Incubation Centre and services and again, I am only allowed to register or receive support like office space (cheap rent) business centre for meetings ONLY if I was a local or a registered company.

Now those issues are really holding me back, I am planning to relocate from here to another country where they allow me to realise my vision without all those legal complications. have any of you had similar problems.

what is your advice?

best regards

Author:  YasirIRAQ [ Jun 8th, '21, 00:56 ]
Post subject:  Re: I wanted to thank all of you for your support

the third issue:

I forgot to mention that the business ethics here is very back, My first client was a commercial farm, I designed and build his farm under an agreement that he will put me as a partner in the farm, however after completion of the project and running the farm he came back from overseas and totally ignored adding me as a partner (20%) instead he provided me with a subcontractor agreement that I rejected to sign, and until today he did not pay me a penny when I went to complained they told me it is my mistake, well, it is I did trust him at first. this kind of issue happened to me multiple times where payment is delayed for no reason. it just seems impossible for me to have a company or building my own farm. I feel stuck. here without a company to are not allowed to sign any legal contract, and if you sign it cannot be authenticated so I am forced to work base of trust only (highly risky)

Author:  LowCarbTNPer [ Jun 12th, '21, 15:16 ]
Post subject:  Re: I wanted to thank all of you for your support

My #1 advice is to go to another country but it sounds like you are already doing that :)

Author:  A2Z [ Jun 16th, '21, 16:06 ]
Post subject:  Re: I wanted to thank all of you for your support

Classic case of: If you're not part of the 'good ole boy club', Get back in your box. Seen it too many times my self.
We have excessive 'sleeping' partners here known as silent partners. Welcome to planet earth. How does one maintain optimism with such restrains? Baffles the mind.

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